Nigerian/British MP, Chuka Umunna Withdraws from Labour Party Leadership Bid!


Chuka Umunna

British born Nigerian,Chuka Umunna today announced his withdrawal from the Labour party leadership position, just after showing his interest few days ago. The 36 years old MP allegedly stated that he was not comfortable with the level of pressure and scrutiny that came with being a leadership candidate. The effects on his family really mattered to him too.

It was obvious after the announcement that all media bodies and everyone got interested in his case. Thus he didn’t expect all the focus and snotty remarks that went deep into his personal life. He got distress with the high level of scrutiny in every aspect. In a statement on Friday he said he had not found the leadership bid to be “a comfortable experience”.

Umunna  has been a member of parliament for Streatham since 2010 and shadow business secretary since 2011. He attended the University of Manchester and Nottingham Law School. Our high hopes is however pulled down. We wish him all the best and hope he emerge wiser and stronger in the future.


Written by: Noellin Imoh

Source: BBC


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