I Will Teach MY Sons and Daughters Equally How To Cook!


Editors Thought: Is it Profitable To Teach both Your Daughters And Sons How To Cook?

Times are changing. This is 2015, a new age and era. We look at things not just from one point of view but different ways now. One of the issues i will be looking at today is cooking. Days are gone when only women of the house are expected to do all the domestic works at home. A good example is cooking. Do you know that men can be better cooks?

I will teach both my daughters and sons how to cook with other domestic house chore there is. This is not only to help them as tomorrows bachelors, it is a form of education which entice good up bringing. Learning how to cook leads to a healthy lifestyle. Children are taught how to cook and bake in school regardless of their gender, that is a great start. Following that routine at home can help improvement especially for boys who might shy away in school because of per pressure.

It is advisable to equip your children with knowledge that can help them in the future, yes cooking is one of them.

MY TEENAGER CAN COOK: Of course working in the kitchen is as hard for men as it is for women. The hours, the heat of the kitchen, the cuts, the burns etc, but this applies more when you take it as a profession. Learning to cook to help out the family can be fun. Cooking with your son can be as much fun as cooking with your daughter. Coming back late from work and knowing that your teenage daughter or son has prepared some meal for you gives a great joy.
“I remember as a teenager, my mother wouldn’t let me cook, she only ask me to help with preparing the ingredients. which i did so many times while watching her cook. i wanted to prove to her that i can do it. She came back home late one evening and the idea of cooking was out the window because of exhaustion. She was surprise to see that i made the meal. After she tried it, she was impress and this is how i started cooking for the family.

MY HUSBAND IS A GREAT COOK: Partners who both know how to cook can help each other out. As a woman, you don’t have to rush back home, knowing that your husband got home first or is at home, taking care of the meal. The same applies to the man. Family life can be much more fun when both the men and women take part in domestic work like cooking.

MY BROTHER IS A CELEBRITY CHEF: Top and greatest chefs of the world are male. After a small research, i will say male chefs of the world are over 60%. Female chefs are not seen as unique enough when the seriousness of cooking is taking into consideration. In this day and age, there are countless male chefs in the world. Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Gerry “G.” Garvin, Ron Duprat, Tolu Eros and Fregz of Nigeria, to name a few.

These are some of the things we can achieve when both male and female in a family can cook. You never know who can turn out to be a great chef in the family. You will be more comfortable knowing that your partner, or children can cook as well as you. There is noting as joyful.


Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths



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