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Beyonce’s Vegan Diet Gone Viral, Isn’t Our Body A Temple That Deserves Health Respect?

Editors Thought: Does taking care of our body as  Important as our Career, Jobs, And Wealth?

Beyonce Vegan Diet

Music queen Beyonce, 33, announced a 22 days vegan meal  challenge on June 8, saying it’s the only diet that actually works for her “curvy” body. Isn’t food the fuel for our body and has a direct impact on how we feel as well as our overall health? We should all learn to love, respect and give our body the best lifestyle there is. Does it mean a vegan diet is the only means to a healthy lifestyle?

Last time I talked about teaching our children, both boys and girls how to cook (Read it Here) It is obvious teaching children how to cook is difficult  in todays world. Why?. Most families don’t have time to make a family meal or dinner in a busy household. Fast food grab and go has become the new norm, taking away the opportunity to teach the next generation how to cook and have fun while doing it.

Beyonce’s announcement got her fans upset. They flood her Instagram page with food emoji, thus not in agreement with her. Well, she is right because most researches sees vegan diet as the number 1 cleanser and a good step to a better health. However, this isn’t for everyone and can be very difficult and expensive to follow. I will admit myself that i love meat, but it wouldn’t hurt to find a body cleanser that works for me and go by it at list twice a year.(I like the Fruits/Juice diet)

I will say it is good to cleans our body from time to time. Vegan diet is food that consists of only plant-derived ingredients. Vegans don’t use or consume any animals or animal related products such as: Meat (Land or sea) milk, eggs, soy, alcohol and even honey. of course this can be very boring. but then it is a 21 days challenge that can be good for our health!

Vegan Food

A Vegan Meal

Fast Food


The last thing we need in our everyday life or teach our children is continual fast food consumption. “Ok, a treat is different and that is how it should be“. We are a busy generation, but that doesn’t mean we should stuff the next generation with food that is highly processed and contains large amount of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy salt and fats.

The romance of unhealthy foods is powerful and most of us are aware of the dangers that comes with it. I will like to point out some more. Fast food is obviously dangerous to our health, apart from being obese, we can experience;

  • Blood Sugar Spike
  • High Cholesterol
  • Headache
  • Dental Distress
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Bloating and Puffiness
  • High  Blood pressure

Among others.

Healthy Family Life

Healthy Kid

To conclude my point, eating healthy should be a family lifestyle, so that our children can learn and pass it on to the next generation. it doesn’t  have to be a vegan diet, that is a choice for mainly grown-ups.

3 Key Points!

  1. Everyone is different and have some tricks or diet plan that works for them or sooth their lifestyle, It is advisable to cleans the body at list once a year, just like you spring clean your house, we need to spring clean our body.
  2. We should find time to teach the children a healthy way of life and make it clear that fast foods are only for treats. 
  3. We should all be health conscious, respect and give our body the best lifestyle it can get, in return, we leave longer life, experiencing a healthy and wonderful old age.


Reference: www.huffingtonpost.com; www.albawaba.com; www.healthbeckon.com


Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

Noellin Imoh



  1. We need to understand that there is a higher and stricter level of veganism that is for people of african descent, people with carbon in their bodies, black people, then we deal with food and genetics. Because most of our people who are vegans are still eating the wrongs foods like broccoli, cauliflour, orange carrots, caulifour, pasta/gluten filled foods that are not created by nature,so we are here to teach out people the REAL vegan foods and return back to our aboriginal foods, Earrth Science Foods.

    Chef Amen

  2. People with carbon in their body, people of African descent, need a more stricter vegan diet and understand of the plant based vegan diet; because we need to look at food and genetics, no hybrid food, gluten like eating pasta because its sexy and romantic, broccoli, cauliflour, orange carrots, do not grow wild anywhere, no soy, almond milk bought in stores. So we are here to teach our communities and people the Real Vegan Diet. A Return to Earrth Science Foods, Aboriginal Foods.


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