Abdulkareem Idris CEO ismilesphotos Awarded Outstanding Achievement at Africa4U Awards 2015!


Idris iSimile Photos London

London based Photographer Abdulkareem Idris, founder of ismilephotos wins yet another Award. He was awarded Outstanding  Achievement by AFRICA4U Awards in London on Friday the 12th of June.

The event took place  at the Stables Hall, White Lion, Streatham. “AFRICA4U” is all about what is happening in many African and Caribbean communities around The World from an African and Caribbean viewpoint, this also entails events taking place , success stories and people with REAL LIFE STORIES making a difference. Found by Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez.

Photography is the way of life that deals with nature I enjoy what am doing  as a photographer it’s widen my eyes more than what I was seeing before. Picking up this prestigious award means a lot to me because the journey is rough and tough but today am happy because my work is saying something about me. 
I will always say this time to time  massive thanks to Daniel olusanya sync photos  for showing me the way. Also everyone that has contributed to my success in the industry. Remember smiles don’t cos a think“. Said Idris.


 More Pictures:


Idris Abdulkareem (ismilephotos) & Tony Tokunbo (CEO Africa4u Awards)

Idris Ismile Photos


This latest multi award winning photographer has been working exceptionally hard the past few years, giving us the best photograph of most events in the UK. He supplies most of African Dazzle Magazine pictures and definitely deserves the recognition.


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