The Ultimate Beauty Pageant Is Set For November 28th!


The Ultimate Beauty Pageant 2015

The Ultimate Beauty Pageant invites winners from various pageants past and present to compete amongst each other to be crowned The Ultimate Beauty Pageant. Winning TheUltimate Beauty Pageant is the first step they have to go beyond the crown . Our aim is for The Ultimate Beauty Pageant to get a once in a life time opportunity to embark on the journey to encourage, empower, and enlighten,communities, states, and nations. These young women are a rising voice in the community that seek to make a difference  to the traditional world of pageantry.

Our Main focus is to empower young women , give them opportunities to express themselves, cultivate their talents ,develop their skills. They will also participate in programmes which assist them to become “The future leaders of all sectors in the world.
The Ultimate Beauty Pageant experience is more than a competition. We want to create a platform for today’s  intelligent and socially aware young  women to express their educated viewpoints, demonstrate their extraordinary talents and showcase not just their pretty face, but their gorgeous mind. The theme is  Empowerment “Bringing Nations Together” and Pursuit of Excellence and Service.
Winning, The Ultimate Beauty Pageant Ultimate Miss is the first step you have to go beyond the crown . These young women are a rising voice in the community that seek to make a difference, by providing educational forums and events that focus on health disparities, poverty, violence and major issues plaguing the world 

The Ultimate Beauty Pageant  experience is more than a competition.  The crowned Winner of The Ultimate Beauty Pageant will automatically  becomes an Ambassador who will receive life changing prizes and opportunities to support a charity of their choice. They will also have opportunity to work in Movies, Television, Media and Fashion Shows.

The Ultimate Beauty Pageant will go on to compete in Miss Royal International in the USA!! The Ultimate Beauty Pageant   is the only pageant in the UK that leads to Miss Royal International in the USA! Empowering young women while giving them the opportunity to grow and develop a positive self-image
The Ultimate Beauty Pageant   will be dedicated to enhance the lives of the orphans around the world  in order to create a brighter future such as education ,food and shelter.

The Ultimate Beauty Pageant 2015

Our goal is a world where every orphan child has hope, care, and guidance!

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