1 house, 1 week, 8 models, 1 winner – who is Born To Model? Born To Model UK season 1 has begun on Born To Model TV!


The BTM house opens its doors to Amaka, Elizabeth, Shaun, Hannah Honey, Ziggie, Yollanda and Chido – But where’s the 8th model?These are not just extra tall, slim models; Yollanda is representing for #teamshortgirls and Ziggie is representing for all the curvy models. Watch as the models settle in, get debating and face each day completing tough tasks including a gender swap challenge and a French commercial challenge.

The Born To Model UK boat launch party on Day 2 was a great success with clips of girl group Pretty Noise alluring the audience with their beautiful racket. Undercover judges are watching to see what models make it to the party on time dressed to impress and which models are on their best behaviour throughout the night.

Indiana Ifill and Jourdan Hammond step in on Day 4 to push the models to werk the runway the right way whilst fighting the bipolar London weather.

Day 6 sees the house turned into an Afrocentric exhibition with Damiva Beauty beating faces excellently, stylists Sarai and Anna dressing the models in Dao London and special guests Mikes Comedyy and Sade Johnson (Fashion Feast TV) slide in too!

Remember, each challenge has a winner and two models exit the house during the mid-week eliminations. Emotions run high and food runs low whilst a model ends up in hospital and does the 8th model ever show up? #WhereisJustin

Yinka Bokinni, Lauren Cofie and Nish are always welcome into the Born To Model house and they’re always ready – Are you?

Watch BTM UK Season 1 on www.borntomodel.tv – sponsored by Dao London and Black Secret Make-Up.

Twitter: @borntomodeluk

Instagram: @borntomodeltv


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