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As much as people think time is the free thing we have but the truth is, your time is the most value thing to human so be selfish with how you spend your time and people you spend it with. If you are trying to build an empire, you cannot afford to spend your time loosely on things or people that don’t add to it. 

On our everyday journey, it is very important for you to plan your time wisely and always set yourself time frame for everything you do to help you Achieve this. 

Always Work With Time on Your Journey 

It is very great to always work with time/plan your daily routine as this will Help you achieve better. I personally plan my everyday to day life by putting down everything i want to do for the day from the little to big things and if possible time frame as well and If I don’t end up doing it all on the day, then I know what is left for me to do and I know I will get it done because it is already down on to do list. 
Of course this does not apply to everyone on a daily life but if you are planning for something then it is very good to give yourself a time frame in other to help you with it.
Challenge yourself

Time frame is a good way for you to challenge yourself. If you are planning a project or work thing, set yourself a target first then proceed to giving yourself a time frame to get it done. This will help you also to focus and encourage you on the way as you see the time draw close. 
Some people work well with time fame while others don’t like putting time on something but the thing is, when you give yourself a time frame, it will help you do it and when there is no time frame, you will find yourself moving your plans along and saying I will do it tomorrow or next week because you have not set a time for yourself hence you might not end up doing it at all. 
Invest  Your Time Only in Something That Adds to Your Life 

This is something everybody should be about right now… Invest your time first on things you want to do for your life and plan for that, and if you have time left then Yhhh you can invest it in other people. Yes be selfish with your time and put yourself and needs first and once you have done that then you can put your time in something else. But It is also important to know where and how you need to invest your time wisely and also where you do not need to be wasting your time on. 
Time they say is once lost, it can never be gotten back and we all don’t know how much time we got so while you have the time, make sure you spend it wisely and focus your time on Things that are important and matter to you whether it’s your family, work, relationship, business or yourself, then yes spend it well.

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Written by: Gold Ola

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