Summer is here again, and it’s the perfect time to take the much needed holiday to relax in the beautiful sunshine. Enjoy your summer getaway to the fullest as leading online shopping community, presents to you summer vacation essentials to pack for your trip.


Not only are kimonos in vogues they are ever so versatile. They can be worn over bikinis, as a coverall for the cool evening breeze or even as a fashion statement to add the extra oomph to any outfit. This floral piece brings the real essence of summer while ensuring you stay in the trend. So toss at least one kimono into your luggage box while packing.


Summer hats are a must have for a fun in the sun. Never travel without one. It can be worn on any casual outfit and makes a great accessory for a beach wear. This cute moderate brim hat makes a stunning fashion statement and can be worn with casual or formal attire.
Due to it’ s intriguing timeless look, this hat is great to wear on those sunny summer days, in the safaris, garden gatherings, and is granted to keep you in style when worn to church. 



A pair of sunglasses is not just a fashion accessory; it is also a very important item which you cannot do without when travelling .It makes it fun to play in the sun, while keeping your eyes protected from direct rays of the sun. A trendy pair of sunglasses ensures you stay chic and spend more hours at the beach.


Never go on a summer vacation without visiting the beach. It is the best time to show off your nice curves or relax by the pool side especially in this cute bikini set. Try not to put on a wet, sandy beach wear because it can be very discomfortable, so make sure you pack a couple of beach wears when travelling.


Make the memories last forever with fun vacation pictures. Take along a camera and capture every memorable moment of your adventures. If you have kids, consider bringing along a durable, affordable and easy-to-use camera so they can participate in the fun too. Smartphone pictures are okay when it comes to taking selfies but if you want to remember your summer vacation in years to come, then you should invest in real digital camera like this one.

Written by: Tonia Odili

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