Dear Fellow Women, Does Giving Birth Change Your Body Shape For Good?


Editors Thought: I need to prove to myself that i can still rock a great figure after childbirth!

Well we all see how celebrities flaunt their enviable bikini bodies just weeks after having a baby, where few real women manage to snap back into shape so soon after childbirth. The moment it hit me to seriously do something about my weight was when i went cloths shopping and tries a size 14 skirt that wont fit. I almost died. I automatically had a flash back to 3 years ago, i wore a size 10 skirt from the same shop. Having kids is a wonderful experience, still loving it, but i want my body back!

In most Africans home as far as i know, once a woman has a baby, believes that she can’t get her sexy and beautiful figure back. You don’t only automatically believe it, you get told by other people like every time. I believe a woman or mother can get her body back after giving birth thus feel good and comfortable with her own figure.

Obviously in some cases, getting that body back might not be easy for some women, some times it means you have to work extra hard to achieve it more than others. As women, our body work differently, thus what might work for me might not work for the other woman. Some women don’t even have to try after giving birth, the weight just drops, while some have to work extra hard to get there. I believe no matter how you get there, we are all beautiful, luck and blessed.

Most times, being fat is not the problem, being comfortable in the body you own is what i am talking about. Yes, there are so many people out there who are very beautiful and comfortable in their size 16, 18 and more skin. To me, the goal is to be comfortable with my body and i believe loosing the baby weight and toning my body will get me there.

I natural enjoy exercising, it gives me energy and helps me kick start my day. I noticed i am more effective and resourceful on days i exercise, like go for a morning run than days i don’t. And if i don’t exercise for months, i feel so tired all the time. This is another reason why, i love keeping fit. Now this is my own body and this style can be completely opposite or different for someone else. 

Another reason is, as we get older, we add more weight, simply because we don’t move and run about the way we do as young guns. But if you equally exercise and burn all those fat and watch what you eat, you will definitely maintain your ideal size and weight.

So I am still on this mission of getting my body back. I believe i need to try extra harder because i noticed i still eat a lot of cookies, food and crap to reward a tired body (laughs). Its not an easy job when you have two toddlers who will scream and make you shout and you grab a piece of cookie to calm yourself down you know, (Bad habit). So i am gradually working on it, i hope to work out more in the coming future. I want to be honestly excited when it comes to cloths shopping once again. I want to walk pass a mirror and be proud of my body. A Healthy body creates a healthy mind and spirit!


Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths


Noellin Imoh

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