You know in our Tradition, There is no Movie premiere without the Red carpet fabulousity. Captivated Movie premiere which took place on friday 4th september at Lighthouse Camberwell was a night of hot fashion. Apart from the Amazing movie on the night, there was loads of fashion in the building and they walked the red carpet/backstage/corridor and all corners of the venue. We manage to capture some Lovely fashion on the Night. Check it Out.

 Toyin Moore (Director/Producer of CAPTIVATED)also played MOM

  Roseline Sanni – Ajose (Played Lead Actress in Captivated “ROSE”)

       Lydia Tett Olet (Script Write of CAPTIVATED)

Ken Smart                                       Oloja                                   Nash Media

Played DAD/EP of Captivated          Played OKonkwo (Lead Actor)

                            Cast in the Movie

Kevwe Ogunde                               TY Moore & Lydia Olet

Played (Lead Actress Brother)

Evelyn Obahor                             Cast in the Movie

Host of the Night

                                                                                                 Pauline Long

                                                  Victoria Inyama                   Ade Beauty


       Sukomi (DOP of Captivated)

                                             Yemi Flash



                                                                               Mr&Mrs Benson

                                            Yetunde Oduwole

                                                                                                        Aremu (Artist)




If you missed the movie premire, watch out for more showing/DVD when it comes out… Read Movie Review HERE


Written by: Gold Ola


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  1. love this film from beginning to the end .very rich and the lead actor ken smart made it more believable in his role – I can’t stop laughing ,the guys is so funny with his facial expression .Kudos to Toyin mooore as well
    Jide Law

  2. What a brilliant movie. Well done Ken Smart, Oloja and all the cast for such a brilliant performance. I look forward to your next movie.


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