Watch Episode 1 of “Dance with Peter” A New TV Show by Peter Okoye of P-Square In Search For Great Dance Talents!


Dance With Peter

Peter Okoye of P-Square‘s debuts his reality TV show “Dance with Peter”. The show kicked off over the weekend and can be viewed through tv channels across Africa. Watch dancers both amazing and hilarious ones battle it out in this new show judged by Peter Okoye, Dance Queen Kaffy and Flex. Check out the episode one below.

This first episode witness Peter Okoye and the team, Dance Queen Kaffy and Flex in Abuja for the debut of the show. They all will be judging and mentoring dancers from Nigeria and Ghana in this search for a great African Dancer.

The vision of “Dance with Peter” was conceived out of the need to redefine dance and its competitiveness. The TV show brings into existence a novel dimension to dancing, its rudiments, the intrigues of competitiveness and an exciting display of talents in the African community. This is an original idea and first of its kind in Africa.

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