Model & Actress, Ngosi Thompson Plays A Challenging Cancer Patient Role In Top Director, Obi Emelonyes Latest Movie, Oxford Gardens!


Ngozi Thompson-Igwebike is a London based Top Model, TV Presenter and Actress who is really stepping up her game. She plays a lead role in Award winning Nollywood Director/Producer Obi Emelonye’s latest project ‘Oxford Gardens‘. The movie tells a the story of Munachi who is suffering from cancer. however, is determined to enjoy every second of the time she has left.

This is something new and a very challenging role for the actress. She also had to learn how to ride a horse to perfect her character, a skill insisted by the popular Director Obi Emelonye the perfectionist.

This is what she had to say regarding her horse riding practise “It was fun. Can’t wait for my next lessons now! Really thoroughly enjoyed it! 🐎💙🐎💚🐎🐎💙🐎💚🐎  All thanks to Obi Emelonye who insists on the absolute best of everything that he can get whenever he sinks his teeth into a new project. 
I feel so honoured and blessed to be a part of another great event!! 🙏🙏🙏 Stay tuned people…!!! 

Ngozi Gayle


There is no doubt this is going to be yet again one of Nollywood Popular Director, Obi Emelony’s great masterpiece. The movie which looks into cancer will not only be educational, but entertaining at the same time. The movie is set to premiere in Nigeria early December and late December here in the UK.

Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

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  1. This is great…. I happen to be involved with this project “Oxford Gardens”….

    Haven met Ngozi on set, I realised what a talented and dedicated Actress she really is.

    The future is truly bright for her.


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