Keep Fit Monday: Here Are 5 Things You Should Never do Before an Exercise!


Exercising and keeping fit has become a ritual for many of us, while some of us see it as an escape route from a stressful day at work. It is the norm in London to see a  group of people on the street jogging or at the gym keeping fit at any given point of the day when they are less busy. However, there are some things many people who workout do that may affect the efficacy of their exercise routine. To ensure your workout is done in the best way, here are 5 things you should not do before you exercise.

1. Stay away from Alcohol

Drinking alcohol before a workout is not good for the body. It can make you drowsy, weak and dehydrated while depleting your sugar level. Hence, keep the alcohol bottle at bay no matter how tempted you are to sip a little.  

2. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine may boost your level alertness, but it can increase your heartbeat and anxiety. While it is not a bad idea to take caffeinated drinks, gulping large portions of it can be counter-productive. Examples of caffeine are soft drinks, coffee, chocolate and ice cream.

3. Do not eat too much food

Food is essential for the body. It is the fuel that lubricates it. However, when it comes to working out, there are foods you should avoid. Before you workout, you can take foods like cereal, banana, yogurt and oats while avoiding fatty meals. As long as you do not overfeed, you should be fine.

4. If stressed don’t workout

The stress employees encounter at their various workplace is to some, enough exercise which makes adding a weekend workout regime cumbersome. If you feel exhausted, it is advisable to rest and recover your lost strength while preparing for a brand new week.

5. Do not drink too much water

Water prevents dehydration. But, drinking too much water before working out is a no-no. Water can easily make you worn out that before running a few metres,  leaving you gasping for breath. So that dehydration does not set in while you jogging you can take one or two sips but keep it at a minimum or have it handy for regular zips.

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Written by: Ogunfowoke Adeniyi
Travel/Technology Writer

ADM Contributor

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