Media Personality, Pauline Long Dazzles In Feyisola Adeyemi’s Luxury Brand, Luxury by Feyi At BEFFTA Awards 2015!

Pauline Long in Feyisola Adeyemi

BEFFTA founder, TV presenter and philanthropist Pauline Long no doubt rocked her fashion at this years Beffta Awards. The dress above is what she wore on Day 2 of the Award night, a dress by Nigerian UK based media personality Feyisola Adeyemi. Her first dress was a white satin princess dress made by Nnenna Alokah of Desiri Couture. Check it out below.

BEFFTA Awards 2015 DAY 1

 Princess Dress by (Nnenna Alokah) Desiri Couture

BEFFTA Awards 2015 DAY 2

Pink Dress by Feyisola Adeyemi

Feyisola Adeyemi recently launched her brand at Fashion International in the renowned Charing Cross Hotel on Friday September the 18th in London.

Nnnenna and Feyisola’s  fashion is designed for the high net-worth sophisticated woman unafraid of their own femininity. Pauline Long is no doubt one of those woman. As a fashion designer her self, she knows exactly how to rock amazing fashion styles with less effort.

Beffta Awards 2015 took place at Central Hall Westminster on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st of October. Read more about it here


Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

Pictures Credit:Chima Luck Okafor &  KFAD Photos for (African Dazzle Magazine)


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