Award-winning Moviemaker, Obi Emelonyes ‘Oxford Gardens’ Movie Trailer Is Out. This Car Stunt Is A Game Changer!


Oxford Gardens movie 

We having been following and talking about award-winning filmmaker, Obi Emelonye latest movie, Oxford Gardens. The trailer for the London set movie is out, and wow! its looking very promising. Obi Emelonyetends to be a step ahead in his projects, this time we would rather say he took fewer steps ahead. The boxing setting and car stunt in this movie is notting less of reality thus Hollywood looking in all ways. Check it out.

Here is how the top director defines his lates work; “Oxford Gardens is a film about boxing and not a boxing film. It takes some of the elements that make boxing films successful; sympathy for the underdog, blood, sweat, tears; and weaves them into a narrative that is an allegory for our broader fight for love, life and our place in the world.”

Oxford Gardens movie

The movie  features Ngoli Okafor, a former boxing champion in United States, Ngozi Thompson  Igwebike, Savanah Roy, Iffy Chukwu, Princess Abiye, Frank Ani, Nnenna Ani and D’Richy Emelonye.

“I dig deep to explore stories that our young industry has ignored for some reason or another. 

In 2011, it was ‘The Mirror Boy’ which attempted to see Africa through the eyes of a 12 year old London-born African boy. Last Flight to Abuja, a year later dealt with the glamorous world of aviation with its excitement, glitz and unfortunately, crashes. In all of these projects, I am seeking a new vista from which to see our common existence. In ‘Oxford Gardens’, I have attempted to tell a moving love story, wrapped in boxing gloves. Nigeria has produced great boxers, old and new. Said Obi Emelonye.

“However, for some reason, Nollywood has ignored stories around boxing in spite of boxing’s gritty nature that would lend itself easily to cinematography. Boxing films over the years have been hugely successful globally because they stir potent emotions in audiences, as the Rocky series and more recently Cinderalla Man and Southpaw have proved”. He added.  

Obi Emelonye Oxford Gardens

Explaining further, Emelonye, said: “As part of the story, there is a very important accident scene where a young girl is killed. I told my team that if we can make this scene work, with a level of visual realism and hence believability, then we would have made this great story special. So, we enlisted the help of the stunt co-ordination team that worked on big budget films like Skyfall and Johnny English.
 Their remit was, make this accident scene the best that has been seen in an African film. By God’s grace, they did succeed. I think, beyond the boxing and beyond the moving medical elements in the film, ‘that accident scene’ would probably remain the longest lasting legacy for Oxford Gardens. You have to see it to believe it.”

More pictures from the Trailer

Oxford Gardens is a collaborative work between the renowned filmmaker and Africa Magic, under the Africa Magic Original Films (AMOF) series.

Oxford Gardens will be officially premiered on December 18, 2015 in Nigeria and Late December in London.

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