Silver Achugamonye’s “THE OUTCAST” Movie Set to Premiere Jan 2016!!


Silver Achugamonye’s THE OUTCAST offers yet another insight into the life of an educated but undocumented immigrant in the UK


When Bianca Ugo, a single mother former Linguistics lecturer faces life as an illegal migrant living in the UK, surviving her socio-domestic ordeal is the least of her problems. But when love comes knocking on her door, she must keep it shut to stay alive. Time is fast running out. She is the Outcast!

Starring: Toyin Moore, Ayo Faleye, Wojtek Zlobicki, Marjorie Agwang, Maachim Ajoku and ZAFAA-nominated actors: Abisade Aluko and Tunji Oyewunmi

Written and directed by Silver Achugamonye (Marriage in the DarkGold Dust Ikenga), the film premieres mid January, 2016.

Watch Movie Trailer 

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