Who Remembers Nollywood Actors Saint Obi? He Is Making a Comeback As A Musician!


Saint Obi

Do you remember Veteran Nollywood actor Saint Obi? He was Nollywood sweet heart who rised in the industry back in the day. He was the most talked about lover boy of his time and YES he was very good at it. The star celebrated his birthday not too long ago. During his special day, he announced his entry into the music industry. Here is what he had to say.

“I am a natural late bloomer but whenever I arrive, perfection is all I exude. I am firm believer in giving back to society, especially our young ones. There are so many talented Nigerians who have been looking for platforms that will give flight to their talents without any success. This led to the creation of Agwhyte Music Label. At the moment, Agwhyte music label is starting with a group called, A.M. Knew made up of D-Style & Wit Moral as well as my humble self. We are dropping 3 massive joints titled You & I, Imagine and Sarakute.

Saint Obi

Well we don’t really know how soon before they drop this 3 new singles.

Saint Obi was no doubt a natural and amazing actor during his big days. His movies include; Festival of Fire, Narrow Escape, Oracle, Dirty Game, Benita, Heartless, Check Point 1& 2, Common Game 1& 2, Devi’s Workshop 1&2, among others. He had up to 80 films credited to him. He is today one of the old faces of Nollywood, fans would like to see make a comeback in the Industry.

Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths


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