There Can Only Be One Winner at the end of the Week & That Winner Is Hannah Honey!


Born To Model

The Born To Model UK house opened its doors for season 1 to eight models (minus Justin) and closed its doors at the end of the long and exciting week. After the tough challenges, the pressure and special guests, Hannah Honey left the house as the winner of Born To Model UK Season 1.

From day one, the judges described Hannah as photogenic, gorgeous and sociable. She quickly became the life and soul of the house from the endless banter, perseverance in every task and the striking portfolio photos.

“Hannah [Honey] is just gorgeous. Just look at the photos – she is a winner. She’s super friendly, so photogenic and she was born to model” – Yinka Bokinni, special guest judge. 

Born To Model

Born To Model

Born To Model

Hannah pushed herself in the fitness challenge on day 3, almost beating Shaun (only guy in the house); showed her versatility as a model on day 5 in the gender swap challenge and even won the bonus smoothie challenge along with Yollanda by using some unusual ingredients. Hannah produced some of the best photos from the ‘Double Afrocentric’ challenge on day 6 in which she was paired with other models for a double shoot styled in DAO London. But it was on day 7 in which Hannah Honey really stood out as a true model, during the French commercial challenge. The models had to learn French in less than an hour for the commercial for Diamond Hair UK shampoo and conditioner. Remember, models are not just objects or robots; they can talk too! Hannah proved to be a model with a terrific personality that can handle the party life, work well with others and model just about anything. Keep an eye out for Hannah Honey as she prepares to take over the model universe!


Could you be the next Hannah Honey? Applications for Born To Model UK Season 2 open on the 15th December 2015 on

Photo credits: Photographer – Kat Terek

Model: Hannah Honey

Makeup Artist: Damiva Beauty

Stylist: LM Styling @ LEO Management.


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