A Ukrainian Woman Claims Her 2 Kids are Fathered by Married Nigerian Footballer #BrownIdeye!



Alex, a Ukrainian woman claims Nigerian International footballer Brown Ideye is the father of her two children. She ask him to claim and accept his kid and to stop pretending to only have an “official family” back in Nigeria.The story which has caught the attention of press, after she has continually used his name as a hash tag to get public attention on social media.

The Nigerian born footballer, who has scored many goals for Super Eagles, already has a wife, Damka Ideye who has two boys with him. The Ukranian woman, went on to post this photos of her kids, placing Ideye’s photo with the children in comparison. Online commenters observed and agrees the kids look like the player.

Here are some of the photos she shared on social media for public opinion.

BrownIdeye Son


 This are some of her caption with the pictures above:

“Brown please STOP lying to all people! In one day the world will know the truth!”

“Brown what are you doing now it’s not very smart… Do you think that if you everyday show your ,,official family” people will believe you? Brown very soon in the press people see the truth about our history.. Or do you think that I will be silent after when you left me in Ukraine alone with two baby’s?BROWN PLEASE STOP DOING FOTO LYING AND GO FIND GOOD LAWYER”

The Nigerian footballer has yet to release a statement, and his Instagram page with over 50,000 followers is now private.

2015 is so going down well!


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