PETER of PSQUARE is Well and Recovering after being ill for a Week!!


Peter okoye 1/2 of Psquare who has been ill for over a week now is finally getting better and in a good space of health. The Singer/Dancer and all round entertainer took to instagram about a week ago to tell his fans he is not feeling too well and has been on bed rest for few days but not knowing what the sickness really is got some of his fans worried and he shares to them to send prayers up for him.

4 days ago he also shares a pictures of him in hospital having a Temography Scan and really not feeling himself and from the looks of the pics he looked very unwell and after all the diagnosis, he later shares that all of this is as a result of stress and all and he just needed to rest up.

We are happy that Earlier today he shared a much better picture of himself looking much healthier and he also shares to his fans that he is feeling much better and he appreciate all the prayers and love they sent him. So we guess our prayers really did work.


We say Get well Soon Peter because we need another banger from Psquare and who else is gonna do those killer moves. *Smiles*



Written by: Gold Ola


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