Battabox London Asks Nigerians in London Where To Live, Nigeria or UK?


BettaBox London

BattaBox London is with great new topics. Kicking off with the first episode of the year, presenter Mary Macaulay took to the streets of London asking Nigerians where they prefer to live, either Nigeria or UK? Watch the video below and hear some Londoners reply.

BettaBox London

“There is no place like home,” replies one man

Due to the instability of the Nigerian economy, lots of Nigerians in the diaspora and especially the UK have refused to come home, but where do they really prefer to live?

“Here (UK) is better, we have light, we have anything we want here,” one woman answers

It wasn’t a shock when majority of the people they talked to said they prefer to live in the UK, others still long to live in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is better,” one of the Arab shop owners replies.

“Nigeria is good, very nice place to stay,”

Apparently Nigerians would move back home in mass if only Nigeria has constant electricity and a better economy…


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