Fitness Monday: Exercise for Beginners Problems Every Newbie Experiences!


Fitness Monday

Have you made the decision to start working out? Great! Don’t be discouraged by what your hear from friends and families about exercise for beginners. Of course there is so much you can expect from your early exercise days. There are good and there are bad. From muscles soreness to feeling stronger and energetic. Here are 7 factual problems you can face on your first few weeks.

1.Your muscles are super sore.
Yes, you’ll feel sore for the 24 to 48 hours after your workout (blame an increase of lactic acid and cell breakdown). The good news is that you’ll feel less sore the more you exercise. Until then, think of it as proof of productivity.

2.You fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow.
As you exercise, you will need more sleep to recover. It feels great, you should embrace it to get your energy back and better, however, it wont be long when you can tell those sleep you won’t need their assistance any more.

3.You’re hungry. All The Time.
When you build muscle mass, you burn more calories even when you aren’t working out. To keep up with the deficit, increase your protein and carbohydrate intake so your body can refuel properly. But, be careful, don’t over eat. Choose what you eat carefully. Note that your body will play tricks asking for more some times, know when to draw the line and stick to your routine.

4.You hit a wall.
Try varying your workout or exercising with a friend when you are feeling unmotivated, and approach your workout as a lifetime commitment not just a quick fix. Different things motivate different people. So look for what works for you. You can watch a fitness video, checkout some great fitness enthusiast online on in a magazine and much more to motivate and uplift yourself once again.

5.You’re more confident.
Beginning an exercise routine can make your confidence skyrocket. You can thank feel-good endorphins and the fact that you’re reducing your body fat and increasing lean muscle is good for your health. Knowing where you started and where you’re heading gives you even further confidence.


6.You are less stressed.
Exercising and the subsequent increase in sleep will reduce your stress levels. A hard workout is a great way to release aggression and increase the quality of your daily life. Enjoy it.

7.You’re BFFs with your water bottle.
It’s recommended you drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day, but you need to increase that number when you work out. Properly hydrating gives muscles the best environment to improve. So don’t be surprised if a water bottle becomes your new favourite accessory. It for the overall good as well.

So there you have it. Expect all these 7 points and know how to manage them. Once you’ve gone past this period, believe that you’ve reached a mile stone and can now enjoy your workout free of pain and only get better too. Happy workout!

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