PART 2 : Meet Mr Babatunde Loye, the Nigerian who is prepared to change the Image of Nigerians in Diaspora!


Babatunde Loye’s mission is to show the world a successful, thriving and independent Nigerians in the UK. As the new CANUK Chairman appointed in August 2015, his aims includes; improving job opportunities within the community, tackle immigration issues, protect image of Nigerians in the UK, Improve post-retirement support, Empower youths and engaging children of Nigerian descent.

With a degree in Management and Accounting from native Nigeria. With a strong goal of improving and empowering Nigerians in mind, Babatunde head to the UK where he found himself as an accounting manager for Barclays Bank plc for corporate clients. He also completed his Masters in Business Administration degree at Canterbury Business School at the University of Kent. As an excellent agent of change with a documented track record of accomplishments and recognitions. 

Early days:
Babatunde Loye began his career on a path this is rare within the UK Insurance industry. As part of Metlife, he managed a team of 150 from his base at Canary Wharf. Also a member of ‘Association of African Insurance Professionals‘. This shows his ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations. His drive to inspire and encourage others is incomparable. One of Babatunde’s sayings is ‘If i can do it, anyone can’.

Babatunde Loye

He found the Association of Africans Insurance Professionals UK (AAIP) to recognise and support the diverse range of African professional in the industry. He take enjoyment in helping others reach their goals and full potential.
In 2003, Babatune Loye’s career took another turn when he joined MetLife as an Insurance Consultant. Since then, he never looked back
Babatune Loye received a Honorary Award by the Nigeria High commission in recognition of the meritorious contribution  to the Nigerian community in the United Kingdom on the 2nd of October 2015. He has constantly been a recipient of several laurels and awards which includes;
  • Managerial Platinum Award in recognition of outstanding performance  from UK Agency in 2014
  • “Award of Excellence in Leadership” by  Nigeria UK Based Achievers Award (NUBAA) in 2013
  • ‘1st Placed – UK Agency Executive Manager’ at the Harrow Team Award in 2009
  • ‘Outstanding performance’ from the UK Agency at the Directors Dinner Awards 2007
  • 1st Placed Sales Consultant in the London Region for the 4th Quarter for an outstanding performance in the HomeServices Sales Division in 2004
Among his numerous recognitions of outstanding performance.


His goals as the elected Chairman of the Central Association Of Nigerians In The United Kingdom (CANUK) includes;

  • Regional town hall visits to engage Nigerians in Birmingham, Scotland, Belfast and Milton Keynes.
  • Organise a Housing programme for everyone especially retirees in the UK secure affordable homes.
  • Youth Empowerment events to help reduce gang violence
  • AGM to give an account of stewardship to the delegates
  • To create a structured database of Nigerians in Diaspora
  • To empower the physically challenged people in the Diaspora by organising disability fund day programme.
  • To unify and bring together all Nigerians in the UK by networking through family fun days.
  • To unify and bring together all Nigerians in the UK through Award ceremony and recognize achievers within the community this 2016.
  • Immigration surgeries by reducing deportation in cities around the UK including; London, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Oxford, Debby among others.

Babatunde Loye

In the last 15 years, he has successfully made impact in the financial protection business, one of life’s achievers, with a track record of growing teams and developing people to enable them to reach their goals.
Notable for his high motivational approach, work ethic and strong leadership skills in a protection business within a global Financial Services organisation. Recognised as a successful leader in distributing MetLife financial protection products through a customer focused & advised sales process.

Babatunde Loye and his team of Nigerians are prepared to do their best to positively project and change the image of Nigerians in diaspora and beyond especially looking into important issues affecting diasporas. He has enjoyed the full support of both past and present executives of CANUK, Community Leaders and Community elders. Mr Loye’s top leadership profile and experience clearly express great knowledge and professionalism. Always ignoring distractions, “BL” fondly called by his close associates is constantly searching for ways and opportunities to improve lives of people known and unknown to him.

To watch the video which breaks down his work at hand for African in the UK, click here

Photo credit: Aanu Famo Photography & Diaspora PR
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