African spiritual healing practices “Rituals for Living” Now available online!


A sneak peak preview of footage from Ancestral Voices 2

‘Rituals for Living’ provides a refreshing insight into various traditional continental and Diasporic African rituals for daily living. Despite being only 17 minutes in length the film surprisingly covers a wide range of rituals including forms of daily prayers, cleansing negative energy and spirit communication practices.

Through interviews with practitioners of different traditions including Zulu (South Africa), Dagara (Burkina Faso), Vodou, (Haiti), the film offers practical advice for those wishing to incorporate ancient spiritual practices into their lives.

 The film features world renowned authors and practitioners including: 

  • Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, High Sanusi and Sangoma
  • Sobonfu Somé, Dagara Healer
  • Max Beauvoir Vodou Houngan (R.I.P)


View the Trailer for the film and purchase at:

 The ‘Rituals for Living’ vignette is a short segment taken from the upcoming documentary, Ancestral Voices 2 which explores African Spirituality as a singular system with modified localized expressions but all informed by the same principles and philosophies and can be evidenced as a continuum from the time of the Ancient Black Egyptians to the present.

Some of the areas covered include the African conception of the Creator or God, the Divinities or Natural Forces, Divination systems, Ancestral Reverence and different forms of African Prayers and Ritual Practices. The funds raised from the vignette will go towards completing the full film.

Customer Review-

“This short Vignette gives you a plethora of tangible things you can physically do in your everyday life. It combines and shows A synergy of different indigenous African belief principles and systems from initiates all over the world from different parts of the African continent to various parts of diaspora where African people where forcefully taken. This whole documentary series is essential for anyone of African descent who wants to connect with the psychology of indigenous ancient Africa. You may also find the whole process physically and psychologically therapeutic. Or just for anyone who truly loves mother earth.”

– Michael Ibidapo

 Full information on the Ancestral Voices films including purchase and donations at:


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