Tanzanian Model Herieth Paul, 20, is the Newest Face of the Maybelline Beauty Company!


Herieth Paul For Maybellline

Tanzanian model Herieth Paul age 20, is the newest face of the Maybelline Beauty. Herieth who started modelling in 2011 has worked for DVF, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Armani among others. During an interview about her new family (Maybelline), she talked about diversity in the modelling industry and some of her best beauty products. Read below.

Herieth shared her enthusiasm on Instagram saying after making the announcement yesterday saying “This has been the hardest-kept secret of my entire life AND the highlight of my career. I am so honored & excited to announce that I am joining the Maybelline family!!!! I’m so grateful to be named a global spokesmodel for the world’s #1 cosmetics brand.”

During an interview about joining the Maybelline company below is what she had to say:

Lipstick: Congrats on the new job! We have to ask: Who’s your favorite Maybelline girl?
Herieth Paul: I can’t decide—it’s between Christy Turlington and Jourdan Dunn. Christy is such a strong beautiful woman. She’s a mom and she helps charities—she’s just an icon. Jourdan is also a mom and is doing her thing to help others.

Lipstick: What about your all-time beauty icons? 
HP: My mom. She has this naturally rosy, peachy color in her cheeks. Her skin is little bit lighter than mine and it comes out when she’s blushing or she’s cold. It’s so beautiful on her; it makes her face look like sunlight. Oh, I also love Beyonce!

Lipstick: You’ll get to play with a lot of makeup in your new role. What’s your go-to look?
HP: I love a red lip, especially if I’m going out with friends. And a ton of mascara on my top lashes—specifically Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. I bring it everywhere I go. I’ll apply five coats because I have really thin lashes, and I have to do a lot to get the look that I like.

Herieth Paul For Maybellline

Lipstick: What about your hair—is this short look your signature?
HP: Whenever I go on vacation I like to change up my hair—I’ll braid it or get dreads—but my favorite is just keeping it short and curly. I have this olive oil gel—it’s called EcoStyler Gel. I buy it at the drugstore, and it’s the best thing ever. I use a little bit of it after I wash my hair in the morning. I just rub it in, and that’s it!

Lipstick: Tell us your best beauty moment ever.
HP: I know this sounds so childish, but it would have to be my prom. I did my own makeup. I wore false lashes, pink cheeks, a nude lip, and I highlighted a little bit. I looked so beautiful. I watched Jaclyn Hill YouTube videos to learn how to do the lashes. It took me hours, but I finally did it right. Everyone asked who did my makeup, and I was like, “I did it myself!”

Lipstick: Are you noticing more diversity at castings and on the runway now?
HP: I have. When I first started modeling in 2011, there were very few darker-skinned girls. Now I see girls from all over the world. You see Asian girls, Indian girls—you see every kind of girl. I feel like it’s getting better—we’re not there yet—but I see a change. There’s still some work to be done!

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Photo credit: Katie Friedman

Source: Glamour Mag


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