Fitness Monday: Ladies Here are 10 Reason You Should Start Squat Workout Today!


Ladies, if you want to have that perfectly round butt and toned legs, then you should think about adding squats to your workout routine.They work more muscles than any other exercise, and you can do them just about anywhere, at home, at the gym or in the park. All you need is a straight bar and your good to go!


10 Benefits of Aquats for women

Burn Fat & Lose Weight at the same time

Just like with any exercise, you’re going to burn fat and lose weight while you work out. Whether they’re weighted squats or not, they’ll still help you get your heart rate up and burn some calories.

Adding squats to your routine is a good way to get stronger while you slim down.

1. Tone Your Legs

Every lady wants toned, sexy legs and squats are the perfect way to get them.

The great thing bout squats is that they work a variety of major muscle groups simultaneously including your quads, calves, and thighs, abs and obliques in order to make you stronger and improve your appearance.

Whether you want to tone up your legs and butt for summer or want to look good in a tight dress on a night, adding squats to your workout will help you tighten up and tone your legs.

2. Keep Your Joints Healthy

Just the act of squatting, even without weight, increases blood flow to your hips and knees. The extra blood brings plenty of oxygen, and that helps to keep tissues healthy.

Since the tissues in your joints are what secrete lubrication, you’re less likely to develop arthritis in your hips and knees if you squat regularly. That translates to healthier joints over the course of your life.

3. Get a Rounder, Perkier Butt

There’s no two ways about it, squats are great for your butt. If you want to get a round, perky butt then squats are the way to go. Squats help to build up your glutes and quads, as well as burn fat from your booty.

Since fat droops and muscle is perky, doing your squats will help a lot if you’re looking for that nice round firm butt.

4. Blow Away Cellulite

As well as increasing blood flow to your joints, squats also get blood pumping to your thighs. Some studies have shown that cellulite is caused by poor circulation as well as the buildup of pockets of fat.

Doing squats can reverse the process that leads to cellulose, and enhance the appearance of your hips, thighs, belly, and butt.

5. Improve Your Posture

If you’ve ever wanted to walk like a beauty queen, squats are for you. Since they work your entire core, including your back, squats help a lot with your posture. You’ll be walking to straight and steady that you can balance a book on your head no problem. Plus, you’ll never have to hear the words “sit up straight” again.

6. No Expensive Equipment

Bodyweight squats don’t need any expensive equipment in order to deliver results. In fact, aside from building muscles like the weighted version, bodyweight squats have all of the other benefits.

You don’t need so much as a dumbbell to get started, either. Just find somewhere with enough room that you can stretch out a little bit and get to it.

Squat workout

7. Fewer Injuries

Since squats work to strengthen such a wide range of muscles, if you’re a runner you’re going to have a lot fewer injuries. Squats keep your legs and core strong, so they’re a must when you start training for longer runs.

Even if you can barely walk through a 5k, squats will help you to train with less risk of injury.

8. Get A Killer Core

Nothing works your core like weighted squats, but even if you just use body weight resistance you’re going to burn a lot of fat. That translates to amazing abs and a killer core.

You thought you had to do sit-ups until you could barely move to get the tummy you’ve always wanted, but it turns out that doing squats are just as effective. They even work the difficult to train muscles along the sides of your abs.

Benefits of Squat

9. Highly Functional For Completing Daily Tasks

Everybody squats when you lean down to pick up something such as a box off the floor. The functional strenght that you gain from consistent squatting helps you to move more efficiently throughout your daily life.

10. Start Doing Squats Today

Don’t wait to add squats to your workout routine. There are so many benefits to doing squats that you should get started as soon as you finish reading this. Try 5 sets of 5 to get started, and it’s up to you whether you begin with the bar or not.

Source: fitness.mercola

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