Motivation Thursday: How To Immunise Yourself Against The Killer Bugs of Worry & Anxiety by Ferdinard Senyo Lawson!


Worry and Anxiety

Worry and anxiety posed as a killer bugs to most people’s success.  Worry and Anxiety are like poison that slows an individual from pursuing success and greatness. These killer bugs are non-discriminatory in the life of their victims. 

Worry and anxiety have the potential to destabilize our ability to focus in life and to have a clear emotional, mentality, spiritual and a physical desire to remain resolute in the pursuit of success; affecting  our thinking power to see positivity in life 

Anxiety as a killer bug create negative pictures in the victim’s mind, which then goes a long way to limits and prevents them from seeing positivity in every positive steps into achieving greatness in life by diverting, distracting, preoccupying them with pressure.

Worry becomes inevitable when one shift their focus from the positive steps to the negativity, making them feel let down in stress.  These killer bugs, do not only affect our thought but attack our emotion; destroying us from within if it is not dealt with from the onset.

Worry and Anxiety

They have no respect for anybody, status, race, gender, height or famous. These killer bugs affect even the poor and have the potential to break barriers just to affect their ability to change their situations. I have noticed that, these killer bugs have a pragmatic effect on their victims and limit them from achieving their goals and purpose in life by sucking their joy and happiness in achieving something great and significance.

The effects of these killer bugs can be very devastating to one’s destiny. They pose as a threat to our self-esteem, confidence and courage in the pursuit of success. They can be equated to airborne disease, which has no boundary. Therefore, we need to be aware of this bug, as we pursue success in life. 

Most often, it is impossible to think clearly when our lives is flooded and choked with anxiety.  One of the best things you can do to overcome or immunized yourself from these killer bugs is to try and take your time out to relax your mind so to regain energy to chase your dreams. When you are able to do this, you feel better once again and make positive decision in life. 

I have observed that, when people are depressed or anxious about something, their whole life gets affected, limiting their ability to think or make rational decision regarding their successful life. Anxiety affects the family, social, emotional, biological and spiritual well being, changing and creating negative mood resulting in our relationships, personal appearance, daily interest and sometimes goes a long way to breakdown the loving family union one might have had.

These killer bugs have the capacity or ability to affect one’s desire to motivate him or her to pursue success in life because of the toxics bugs they leave behind such as fatigue, poor sleep, aches and pains, leading to lack of energy for everyday duties or excessive exhaustion after small amounts of activity. Most often, individuals who get affected by this killer bugs, express low self-confidence, lose interest in hobbies making them to isolate themselves from others or social activities.

Worry and Anxiety

Personally, being a Public Health Worker, I have discovered that; when a person suffers from depression or severe anxiety, can contribute to suicidal thoughts, which can affect any one from a child to an adult. Suicidal thoughts and death can be a major symptom of anxiety and must be taken very seriously.  Anyone, affected by anxiety is likely to feel worthless and the only option they think they have is to take their life.

Anxiety is caused by the people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes; over expect from us and if we are not able to meet their standard and their expectations, we get upset and allow fear to set in to choke our spirit of greatness. You have the power to detach from these individual because, your success demands that, you acknowledge your strength and avoid being stressed out by the options, expectations of people and never accepting the opinion of others to be your perfection.

Sir Richard Branson one day explained how he immunized himself against this killer bug to his successful life. He expressed that, for one to be successful in life, one need to develop a great sense of courage in the face of fear and develop methods to overcome worry or anxiety in business

Worry and Anxiety

Finally, to be immunized against worry or anxiety, it is very important that, you organize your life in such a way that, you take each day at a time and devise measures to tackle challenges that arise and take control of them within your own power. Never ran away from trouble but be bold enough to face anything causing the worry. 

My advice to you is to do everything possible get immune against this killer bug and never let your worries or anxiety stop you from achieving success in life, as many of these are just shadows and not real. 

TOP 10 TIPS FOR immunising against worry and anxiety

  • Accept who you are and not what others think of you.
  • Challenge every bad thoughts you have about yourself
  • Focus on your goals in life( purpose)
  • Take time out to relax 
  • Surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good
  • Extend a helping hand to others
  • Be organised and not dispersed
  • Read the word of God and pray daily
  • Be opened minded and remain humble to learn new things.
  • Avoid living other people’s life.

My advice to you is to do everything possible get immune against this killer bug and never let your worries or anxiety stop you from achieving success in life, as many of these are just shadows and not real. 

Remember that, you are not alone and will never be. There have been other great and influential people in the world today, who never gave up on themselves regardless of challenges and have become famous in our world today. Step up and keep up. You are destined to succeed only if you can immunize yourself against these killer bugs.


Written by: Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

Ferdinard Senyo Lawson is a Creativity Award (CA-AWARD, 2015) Best Life Coach & Best Public Speaker Winner, True African Heritage Awards (BEST AUTHOR, 2015) and Beffta. Founder & C.E.O of Ferdinard Lawson Empowerment & Inspirational Agency C.I.C ( FLEiA.CIC) in UK, Public Health Professional, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Transformational & Public Speaker and Publication Consultant. He is an international speaker.


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