Nigerian Celebs Pleads with PSQUARE to Reconcile as they are on the Verge of Breaking it All Off!


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The feud in the squareville seems to be getting worse and has got people really worried. The fight between the brothers has been going on for weeks now but in the last few days, it seems like they are on the verge of breaking it all off as none of them are willing to burge on what they want and it even got some nigerian celebs like cynthia morgan, don jazzy, MayD involved pleading with them to make ammend for the sake of the fans and their legacy.

So the story and the fight has been brewing for a long time now according to both brothers but the main issue they cannot seem to get over and that both of them wont compromise on in the past weeks has been about their  management issue 

psquare, paul okoye, peter okoye, jude okoye, psquare sepeates,

Peter wants their manager and big brother Jude Okoye to be fired and to no longer represent psquare as he is not happy with the runnings in the past year and can no longer be under his management and feel they can get out of it as there is no contract binding them. Paul on the other hands does not agree with the decision to sack their big bro so he is sticking to keeping him as their manager which leaves them at 1-1 as it is 2 of them in the group and both have to make the decision together, So since they are not able to agree on both letting him go or both keeping him, They are not willing to continue as a group until they both get what they want and these has left the group seperated for a while now.

This is a really sad issue to think the brothers who have always been so close and do things together all their life including their family are willing to sacrifice it all and go their seperate ways. The two have even gone as far has to have their own individual music. Paul did a new song on family planning with tiwa, signed new artist, got his own rcord label, while peter has a new single and a new solo performance show he is working on. #Showmanship

These seperation is defo affecting alot as just few days ago, the government official were ordered to go to their Squareville they share together to seize their property as they refused to go to a show in Benin that they were booked for by their manager a long time ago and was paid for due this this feud and have not appeared to court the 3 times they have been summond which lead to the gov granting the order to seize their property.

Sources are peter wants officially out of psquare and have given got a lawyer to share the process of seperating their fortune and he has moved out of their squareville mansion that they both shared in omole to lekki with his family. Allegedly it has even turn physical and peter said both paul and their bro-manager have been sidelining him for years and he cant take it no more. 

These and so many more has gone down in the last weeks and we are now joining the pleading team too. Psquare please ya’ll just make ammend and think about all the hardwork and bars you have raised only to let it all go. We pray God intervene and come through for them on this!




Written by: Gold Ola


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