Fitness Friday: 12 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Results In The Gym or During Workout!


Exercise can be a great way to feel better, be healthier and reach fitness goals; but for some people who want to see physical results, it can seem like it may not be working. There’s a point in time where the phrase “it takes time” expires.Here are a few tips on why your workout may not be yielding results and what you can do to see a change.

1. Are you eating too much?

Weight loss is a simple equation of eating fewer calories than you burn in a day. If you’re not ending the day with a calorie deficit, you won’t be losing weight. Instead you’ll be just maintaining or even gaining weight. Try keeping a thorough food journal with what and how much of everything you eat for a week. You’re probably eating more than you think!

2. Are you giving it your all at the gym or during workout?

You’re not even there in spirit. You might show up and execute all sets and reps, but you’re doing it without any attempt to improve since your last workout.

3. Do you change it up?

You need to change the order you do your exercise. You may need to change up your routine and increase the intensity, as well as adjust your daily calorie intake. The less of you there is, the fewer calories you need. Doing the same routine all the time:

4. You blame genetics for why you’re not getting results

You are convinced that all buff physiques are a result of excellent genetics. This translates to a perfect reason for you to not try and make the best out of what you’ve got, and hence you’re completely missing out on maximizing your potential.

5. You avoid and only focus on certain muscle groups

You choose your favorite muscle groups and then fail to do the ones you don’t enjoy doing, usually by procrastinating them into Sunday. And then you say, “Oh well, I’ll start fresh on Monday.” But on Monday you don’t start with the muscle groups you neglected, and work your favorite ones again, resulting in complete lack of stimulation of your weak spots for weeks.

6. Falling for the flavor of the week

Making too many changes too quickly can be just as detrimental as getting stuck in a rut. Ballroom dancing may be the latest fitness craze, but it may not be the calorie burn or weight-training routine you need. Figure out what works for you rather than for everyone else, and stick with it.

7.You wait too long between sets and ends up doing less than required

You don’t time yourself between sets, so they end up being 5-minutes long and you’re not a powerlifter trying to max out on singles. Then at 45-minutes into your workout, you’ve got to go, and you’ve only done 10 sets.

8. You only workout when you feel like it and expect big changes with little input

Never allow yourself to excercise only when you’re in the mood for it, but sadly you’re not in the mood that often. You also work out the first week and expect change right away. Change come with time and they more effort you put into it, then you’re likely to see result in the future.

9. You stop when it hurts

But your muscles hurt when you are finally starting to get challenged and yeild results. Don’t give up now, you’ve just made the breakthrough and every other hardwork you put on will defiintely show with time. 

10 You’re lifting too light or lifting too heavy

How do you know it’s too light? You’re not worried that if you lose focus you’ll get hurt. If you’re not getting hurt when you lose focus it’s not a heavy enough weight. You’re doing half reps, and fail to do more than two reps when the set is supposed to be hypertrophic around 10. But your ego says, “Keep trying and some day you’ll make 10.” Yes, but in the meantime, pick a pair of bells you can actually handle!

11. You’re not getting enough sleep

Few of us can say that we get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. Although it may be hard to forgo productivity for sleep, your efforts for a good night’s sleep will pay off in the long run. Lack of sleep can lead to hormonally charged weight gain and poor workouts due to fatigue and lack of concentration. Set a sleep schedule complete with a bedtime and wake time, and stick with it.

12. Fact vs fiction

Are you doing or trying? You may feel like you’re eating healthy and exercising regularly, but a well-kept food and exercise journal may tell a different story. Take a close hard look at your food choices and fitness routine and see what is really going on and where you can make improvements.

So there you have it. May use of this weekend. Take note of this issues, make changes and apply it to your work out routine. Always have in mind that hard work pays, the more harder you work the faster you’re likely to see result. Happy workout!

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