Fitness Friday: Great Tips on How To Motivate Yourself Into an Exercise Routine!


How to motivate yourself into an exercise routine

If getting active and staying healthy were easy, everyone would do it and keep up with it. but hay! we don’t. Coming home after a long day at work, unable to summon the energy to take a walk or hit the gym. Sure, everyone says to “make time for what’s important to you,” but oversimplification doesn’t make the struggle easier. Below is how you can break down that mental walls keeping you from taking care of yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself: Most people, when the start a fitness journey, they go reall hard on theselve, thus pushing and aiming really high to just fall and give up few months later.This is the cycle many of us know: you start something with good intentions, stumble, get frustrated, and give up. Be nice to yourself stumbles and failures are going to happen, no one’s perfect. Keep a level headed routine both the workout itself and time wise. That way, you’re motivated to keep going.


No Excuses, tear down those mental walls: First of all, if you’re struggling with a sedentary lifestyle, you’re not alone. Millions of us are just like you, and we all know we should get moving, but we stumble and fall back into old habits or never get the traction you need. This is completely normal, don’t think anything otherwise. Very few people spring out of bed one day and say “I’m going to change my behavior for the better for the rest of my life,” do it, and never look back. In the real world things are different.

Don’t get caught up in the “all or nothing” mindset: Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Sure, you could be doing more or could be doing better, but if in the long run that gets in the way of you doing anything at all then it’s not use to you. Do what you can do and do consistently then worry about optimizing later as you gain traction.” Remember, getting started is everything.

How to motivate yourself into an exercise routine

You’re not lazy, you’re just starting from zero: One discouraging thing you’ve probably thought (or heard) before is that you’re just lazy and will give up eventually, so why bother. Richard dismissed this idea: “To say that people don’t exercise because they are lazy is actually backwards. Often times, people are actually lazy because they’re out of shape and don’t exercise!” He points out that it’s easy for someone in-shape to tell someone who’s having a tough time that they’re just lazy, but the truth is running a mile for a couch potato is far more difficult and requires more physical and mental will than it does for someone who does five every day. Recognize that, especially when you start down the slippery slope of comparing yourself and your habits to others.

Find your “Secret Sauce: A lot of people will tell you to “just put the fork down,” or “just get up and do it,” which is easy when that person a: isn’t you, and b: is sitting behind a keyboard. Don’t listen to them: minimizing and oversimplifying the challenge doesn’t help, and while hearing what worked for others can help you figure out things to try, it’s almost never going to be exactly what works for you. Look for your own combination of tools, tips, techniques, and advice that will support you and your health and fitness goals. Accept advice, sure, but remember you’re in this for you—no one else, and you’re the only one who’ll know what really works.

Whatever You Do, Make It Fun: Whatever you do, enjoy it. Choose something rewarding enough to make you feel good about doing it. If you don’t like running, or outdoor activities, check out the gym. If you don’t like the gym, take a dance class, join a  cycling club or buy a bike. Buy some few equipment and use it in the comfort of your own home enjoying your own music. Tag what make you happy along.

Fitness Friday

Join Communities that Build Positive Habits: Join workout clubs, easily found at gym. Join an out door running, walking or cycling groups, dance groups and they list goes on. They’re merely a gateway drug that gets you involved into the community.” Don’t get caught up in counting calories and tracking steps walked that you miss out on how powerful a community, a workout buddy, or family and friends, rooting for us can be. It can make all the difference.

Use Technology Wisely To Recount Your Victories: Technology can be a huge benefit to help you see your progress in a way that looking in the mirror won’t show you. Remember your goal is to keep that track record, whether it’s on a calendar, in an app, or on a website, going unbroken as long as possible. Just remember, quantifying your efforts is just a method to get feedback and track your progress. Your tech should be a means to building better habits, not the habit in itself. 

So there you have it. Remember, health and wellness are extremely personal sciences. When you finally make up your mind to get or keep fit, we believe some few of these tips may become handy. Find a way to stay motivated each time you embark on the fitness journey and never forget if you fall, stand up and keep moving. You can only get better.




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