Pauline Long Show Delivers Food to 100 Families In Malawi!


Pauline Long give to Malawi

Multi-award winning media mogul and BEFFTA founder Lady Pauline Long has been busy as usual serving the community as a philanthropist. The TV presenter and producer of Pauline Long Show has just donated bags of maize meal in Malawi to feed 100 families.

The food was donated to the most vulrunable women in Kabuwa area, Mzimba. The food was distributed to women who are going through tough times feeding their families during this challenging period in Malawi where 3 million are at risk of starvation.

Pauline Long Show Donates Food to Malawi

Pauline Long Donates food to Malawi

Pauline Long Delivers Food to 100 families in Malawi

Pauline Long gives to Malawi

Pauline Long Show Delivers food to 100 Families in Malawi

Pauline Long Show delivers food to families in Malawi

Pauline Long Show Delivers food in Malawi

The UK based Kenyan born mother of two who is a frequent donor to several charities is known for giving back to the community discreetly but this time she confesses that she had to publicise it due to the urgent nature of the need and to requests her fans to join her in giving back. She said, “I’m sharing these pictures not to show off but to let you know that I cannot do it alone, I cannot afford it so I would like to request my family, friends, fans and colleagues with the heart of giving to join me. These families need to feed their children. Thanks in advance to those who are going to join me, remember the world has gone global and so everyone is everyone’s keeper. Let us practice human love.

Lady Pauline Long expressed gratitude to The Pauline Long Show team on the ground in Malawi who coordinated the distribution of food to the women so well.

If you would like to get involved with Pauline Long Show team to support good cause please get in touch with the team at:


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