It’s Confirmed PSQUARE Officially Broken Up as Peter Becomes a SOLO Artist by the name Mr P!


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So as we all know there have been troubles in the squareville and there’s even been talks of break up between both parties but it is finally a done deal as Peter has make that step into becoming a solo artist and now goes by MrP, The 1/2 of psquare who have been a duo for over 15years now has finally seperately and we think there might be no coming back from this. This has left their fans devastated

The duo peter and paul Okoye who also happen to be family (Twins) has done music together all their life since we know them and have been manage by their big brother Jude Okoye since they have been in the game and since there has been problem brewing between all three of them. it has been imppossible to get them together as a duo again and we think we are finally saying goodbye to psquare as they have both gone on and doing their seperate things in the last few months.

It is so so sad to see this and what it has become, not just as a group but because they are family so this seperation is not only breaking their music, but it is also breaking their family apart and it is a shame to see how all  the hard work they have put in over the years and also their legacy as you cannot mention Nigeria music/Afrobeats and not mention Psquare. They are two of the few artist who put afrobeat/nigerian music on the map and took it internationally even when it was not known to the world then or not as popular as it is now.

We guess haven’t done everything together for years, they feel they needed that seperation but we will call it a break to breathe due to their disagreement but Peter as gone as far as labelling himself a solo act, appointing a new manager, performing at a show as a solo act and putting it out there to be book as a solo act. His new manager goes by Olatunde Michaels, while peter is pursuing a solo career, Paul is putting on the boss hat as he signed 2 acts to his record label and he is already pushing their music.

The story continues we guess, what will come out of this, we do not know but we wait to see… Can we imagine life now without no more PSQUARE Records??.… oh we still need to process this and in the mean time, we are praying that God touches both of their heart and hopefully bring them back together after they have both explore their solo career and see what it is like without the other.

What are your thoughts on this, Do you think they will be successful and make it as a Solo artistes??  But we know their fans are not happy with this at all!!


Written by: Gold Ola

~~Gold Ola

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