Its Confirmed, Funke Akindele and JJC are Officially a Couple!



There has been rumoured floating around for the past few months about their relationship status if they have a work relationship, a friendship or its more than that. But both sources never confirmed it but have been seeing together alot from working on a music video ADA by JJC together, to attending the AVMCA together and so much more, there has been talks but yet to be confirm.

We can officially say it is confirmed that the two are a couple and are very much smitten with one another as funke akindele spent JJC’S birthday with him and his kids here in london in the last few days as they go out together as a family and even with pictures to solidify it. They have not put a tag on each others post yet, but we get the gist and we see it and we must say, they sure look like a great couple together and his family seem to love her including his Mom who shows her approval with prayers but then we doesn’t love jenifa!

And This post might just be IT!



Written by: Gold Ola


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