Nigerian Soul Musician MAKA Premieres ‘THE TRUTH’ EP On International Platform The 405!


Hailed as one of Africa’s best kept musical secrets of the year, on the back of critical acclaim on the continent for her introductory singles last year ‘Ife (Love)’ and ‘Mu Na Gi (You And I)’, eclectic Nigerian Soul singer, songwriter and musician Maka is finally emerging from anonymity and ready to take centre stage with the release of her exciting debut EP The Truth., premiered via international magazine and platform The 405.

The Truth EP is a rich, resounding and assured debut offering from the Nigerian native, backed by glorious Hip Hop and Soul musical backdrops, provided by Hip-Hop DJ/producer Teck-Zilla, over which Maka bares her heart on love, life and everything in between, in uniquely sincere and relatable fashion, underpinned by her signature Afrocentric and soulful stylings.
From opening track ‘Forever’, which samples Chaka Khan’s ‘Stronger Than Pride’ to glorious effect, and her soulful Hip-Hop ode to her hometown ‘Lagos’, to the triumphant and life-affirming ‘FMH (Feeling My High)’ and the already well-received ‘Mu Na Gi’, every song on this EP contributes to what makes for a captivating listening experience and an exceptional body of work from Maka.

Speaking about the inspiration for the record, Maka said, “making this EP came as true and pure to me, as anything I’ve ever done. I wasn’t trying to please anyone but myself. Working with Teck-Zilla never felt contrived, we weren’t rushed or disturbed, and we had the freedom to create whatever we wanted. That’s where the title of the record comes from, in the sense that creating it was indeed true”.
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