Nigerian Recording artist Uchenna Jiani urgently needs help to save her sons life from cancer!


Carol Uchenna is fighting for sons life

London based Nigerian recording artist Uchenna Jiani also known as Carol Jiani needs your help. Her son is fighting an aggressive rare form of cancer and urgently needs treatment. The “Hit ‘N Run Lover” singer who is honoured with BEFFTA Entertainment Icon Award in 2014 opened a Gofundme account where every little one can offer can be donated to save her sons life.

This is what she said.

“Words cannot express the pain that I felt when the Specialist Team Doctors told me with my son sitting next to me that the CT SCAN and Biopsy confirmed that he has an aggressive Rare Form Of Cancer.

According to the BBC, in 2008 only 201 cases of the disease had been recorded worldwide in the preceding two decades.

This is the best treatment my son has lost his sense of smell and to preserve his vision this is the best treatment.

My son will be operated on here in the Uk to remove the Tumour but will need PROTON THERAPY TREATMENT.

Recording artist Uchenna son is fighting a rare aggressive cancer

At the Proton Therapy For Cancer Treatment | UF Health Proton Therapy
The University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute offers proton therapy for cancer treatment. Proton therapy delivers precise radiation treatment for better outcomes and a lower risk … 2015 North Jefferson Street Jacksonville, FL 32206.

The treatment would involve radiotherapy and Proton Beam Therapy but the United Kingdom doesn’t have a Proton Centre. Therefore The hospital recommended the UF Proton Institute in Jacksonville Florida for his continued treatment after surgery where his treatment will be for 3 months.

Cost’s …… Living expenses etc…. Travelling expenses to the hospitals as i am not based in London has been extremely difficult too.

As a mother i am fighting for my son and he is a twin. My other twin will now have to go through some test’s also.

These are difficult times ahead please let’s join hands to raise funds . I have spent the last 6 months in and out of hospital with son.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

There is no contribution big or small. Sometimes, the best contribution anyone can make is help spread the message to reach more donors. Thank you all for your generosity and unconditional support.  Much appreciated”.

Follow this link to donate: Gofundme


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