The Secret Princess of Africa takes on Disney

In a region where the girl child has so much tales of tears, Female children getting kidnapped by terrorists, forced into marriages, trafficked as slaves, sold into prostitution, branded as witches amongst many other atrocities. It is hard to imagine a silver-lining, A Disney like Cinderella story that gives a ray of hope to the girl child of Africa
The Secret Princess Trailer
A British Animation studio TransTales Entertainment and filmmaker Segun Williams aims to change the narrative,
Far from the doomed dark and horrible tales of nightmares. TransTales Entertainment has created an animation film titled The Secret Princess adapted from the book with the same title with such quality that it could be mistaken for a Disney production. The film titled The Secret princess is a Tale of a Princess that goes through rejection and hence has to live out her life in the jungle while in her place a farmers son lives a life of luxury as the Prince. The story brings to the fore front many delicate topics in a subtle way, with plots which include a retreat into the forest but a far cry from the true story of the Kidnapped Chibok girls, and a tale of witch accusation which has been a common occurrence in Africa for centuries and with terrible consequences such as child abandonment and child abuse; a far cry from the Disney like wicked witch mixing candies. It also deals with the inferior treatment of the female as compared to male child.
This is a bold move by the filmmaker who has already won a World Bank award for the feature animated film at the KingstOOn animation festival. The rising popularity of the film is shining the spotlight and raising awareness on the delicate topics.
However, far from dwelling on the negative the filmmaker has managed to bring out the beauty of an African Tale.
Though, a somewhat familiar twist on the princess stories that are so popular with young girls. Sade the main character of this story is a great and strong character, who is a great role model for young girls of today. The filmmaker believes that dwelling only on the negative does damage to the image of a people and describes his directing approach as focusing on a three dimensional angle story rather than a single negative angle that highlights war, disease and poverty, noting that as a young boy in Africa he loved watching cartoons on television which were literally all western such as Superted, Tom and Jerry, Voltron, Superman, Spiderman and Disney classic like Pinocchio and Cinderella, and noting that all of this cartoons has helped to beautify the western culture and made it attractive in situations were negative social issues in the society were not the only focus of the stories
The Secret Princess is set for release this summer.
Written by: Victor Ayo
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