Check out this TANZANIAN Women Twerk Dance Video “CHURA DANCE” that has gone Viral!


So we all know by now that Twerking is not new and it originated and became popular in America and almost any and evrybody now twerk whether in their own home or even when out and having fun with friends. But did you know that it is an actual dance moves called Chura dance in Tanzania and they made this video that has gone viral and shows the endowed women showing how to do this dance in all their glory and blessed backside.

But the Ministry of Infrormation,Culture,  arts and  sports of Tanzania are not happy about these video as they say it does not say well about the country, the women as they are represented and goes against their culture and simply classifying it as RATCHET!! Therefore they ban it from the country or to be played or shown anyway in the country but that didnt stop them from putting it online.

Check Out the music video Below


What are your thoughts on this!!

Written by: Gold Ola 


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