A4Africa Launches Initiative To Donate Stationery To The Street Children Empowerment Foundation in Ghana!


A4Africa Stationaries

A4Africa is pleased to announce that in May 2016 it made its first of what will be many donations of A4Africa branded paper and notepads to the Street Children Empowerment Foundation.  SCEF is a charity which helps to empower the lives of vulnerable street children in Ghana, helping them to become universal heroes!

 This partnership has helped in daily work with the children…such as doing homework or using it in our craft-lab to paint and draw. The donation of A4Africa notepads will also help with different activities related to education.”  Paul Semeh, Founder/Executive Director of SCEF.

Chris Osei-Frimpong, the ‘Dreamer’ behind A4Africa adds, “I’m extremely excited to launch our notebooks and I’m even more excited that we’re able to support children at SCEF with stationery to help them understand the importance of having resources and utilising them in more ways than just one. They’re not just materials to use in the classroom; they’re also for them to write their ideas in – be that creative, intellectual or entrepreneurial ideas. I know the power of writing down thoughts and ideas in notepads too, since it led me to establishing what is now A4Africa today.” 

This partnership will ensure the growth and social impact for these children in Ghana, Africa— and soon the world. 

All notepads can be pre-ordered and for every one ordered another will be donated to SCEF to help create a positive and needed change in the lives of these young children, who will one day be future leaders. 

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