Afro Euro Hair Stylist Latenda Kalimba promotes female empowerment!

Latenda Kalimba

Celeb & Industry Hair Extraordinaire Latenda Kalimba orginally from South Africa set up show in the heart of West London with a huge focus on working on photoshoots that empower women. Her latest work named ‘ The Diamond in A Rough’ showing well- known model Margarita Lievano in a number of head strong hairstyles in a revealing garments.

” I want to continue to inspire women who want to feel beautiful and need the confidence boost to realise their inner beauty. With the model showing skin but tastefully covered up, creates a sense of fearlessness that was already hidden inside and once the camera came on, it brought it out becoming a diamond in a rough”.

She now has a social media project called ‘Latenda Transforms’ where she collaborates with female bloggers, social infleuncers & music artists and recreates their chosen celebrity look focusing on strong female figures in the world.

Latenda Kalimba

About Latenda

With over 16 years in the hair & beauty industry, Latenda made her name for herself after opening her first salon in West London.
Shortly after, she grew a huge following offline & online with her Instagram followers surpasses 23K.
The hair stylist is known for her protective styling skills managing to increase the natural growth of her clients hair. 
Don’t get it twisted, Latenda can lay down a weave, closure & still lay those edges for the gods! Her previous clients has included, Miss England, BGT finalist Nqobile Danseur, UK artist Paigey Cakey & Screen Nation Awards backstage. She has also been featured in Black Hair & Beauty, Meade Magazine & Hair Mags.

Hair: Latenda Hair Salon
Makeup: BevKMUA
Photography: Gabor Szantai
Model: Margarita Lievano
Stylist: Aisha Paparella / Christelle Stylez
PR: PinkHippoLondonPR


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