London Fashion Brand ASAKEOGE Is A Proud Designer Showcasing at African Fashion Week Nigeria 2016!


Asakeoge Designs

London based brand ÀSÀKÉOGÉ founded by Oluyomi AsakeAgoro from Nigeria, West Africa will be showcasing at this years Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. The idea of the brand was borne in March 2009 at the London Metropolitan Fashion and Dance Charity Show when she was invited to come up with a collection for the fundraiser.

ÀSÀKÉOGÉ pronounced (A-SHA- KE-O-GE). ‘Asake’ is the founder’s native name and ‘Oge’ means Fashion in her native Yoruba language.

Officially launched with the “Afrolosophy” collection in spring 2010, ÀSÀKÉOGÉ had a clear vision, to design and produce garments that women of all shapes and sizes would love to wear. Specializing in custom-made womenswear with a passion for bold colours and prints borne from her roots and guided by a strong British tailoring influence, ÀSÀKÉOGÉ designs and produces limited edition ready to wear and one-off garments for the fashion forward woman. Each garment is tailored with attention to detail and emphasis on the feminine silhouette.

Asakeoge Designs Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

Asakeoge Designs Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

The ethos of the label is individuality and uniqueness, it’s a brand for pace setters not fashion followers. The ‘Out Of Africa’ couture collection features exotic African animals and scenery hand painted with jewel embellishments while the ready to wear collection features cutting edge designs in bold prints and tailored silhouettes while a made to measure services is available for occasion and everyday wear.

The limited edition ready to wear is a solution to the fashion victim who finds it easier to follow high street trends as AsakeOge instead designs and produces original, contemporary pieces that set the trend.

As well as being available online, bespoke services are also offered for that one-off outfit you need to stand out in the crowd.

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