Fitness Friday: 15 Ways to Motivate Yourself when you don’t want to WorkOut & Much More!


How do you find motivation to exercise when you just don’t feel like it? There are a million ways to motivate yourself to exercise, even certified fitness instructor & fitness vlogger, Cassey Ho shared 5 ways to get yourself motivated when you don’t feel like working out. We also have 15 great tips for you below.

In this video below, certified fitness instructor health & fitness vlogger, Cassey Ho shares 5 ways to get yourself motivated when you don’t feel like working out. We all need that little push but when someone isn’t there to help, these are ways to kick start things yourself and get back on that fitness journey. You can do it!!!

Extra Tips You might find Useful

  1. How you feel after a workout. By now, you know you always feel great after a good workout. It’s a high, always use that to motivate yourself the next time: “You know how good you’re going to feel once you finish.
  2. Time for you. While many people make time to take care of others (kids, spouse, other family, co-workers, boss), they don’t often make time to take care of themselves. Instead, make your “you” time a priority, and don’t miss that exercise appointment.
  3. Calories burned. If you count calories (and it’s really one of the most effective ways to lose weight), you know that the more you exercise, the more calories you burn and the bigger your calorie deficit.
  4. Having fun. Exercise should be fun. If it isn’t, try a different kind of activity that you enjoy. As long as you’re moving, it’s good for you.
  5. How you’re going to look. Imagine a slimmer, fitter you. Now let that visualization drive you when ever you’re about to start. or think of that beautiful dress/cloth you will look great in after looseing the weight.
  6. Success stories. Reading other peoples success stories is incredibly inspirational. If a fitness website has success stories, try and read them. Or easily go to Instagram and look out a few great bodies and success pictures before starting.
  7. Rewards. If you exercise for a few days, give yourself a reward! A week? Another reward. Do it often in the beginning.
  8. Fitting into new clothes. Want to look good in a smaller size or fit into a jean? Work out simples!
  9. Your before picture. You often don’t realize how far you’ve come. Take pictures to compare.
  10. Being attractive. That’s always a good motivator, knowing that you will look more attractive once lin is always a good head start.
  11. Adrenaline rush. We all get a rush when we exercise. Ride that rush to complete the workout.
  12. Stress relief. Wound up after a long day at the office or your work place? Get out and work off that stress. It makes a world of difference.
  13. Time for contemplation. Do you know that you think deep or genarate great ideas while working out? time of exercise is also for thinking about things that matters to you, finding solutions and much more.
  14. A workout partner. Finding a workout partner is a great motivation, you help each other out and are more likely to stick to the goals with a partner, even competition which pushes you further arises.
  15. Reaching a goal. Set a goal for weight, or your waist measurement, or a number of days to work out, or a number of miles to run this week. Setting and tracking a goal helps motivate you to complete that goal. Make it easily achievable.
So there you have it. Get up today and work that body until you get results. Remember one thing, if you don’t work for it, you’ll never get the result you need. And also take it step by step, Rome wasn’t build in a day!

Happy Weekend and happy workout!
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