Fitness Friday: 12 Lazy Guide To Weight Loss!


When most of us start our weight loss journey, we realise that we didn’t lose any weight after some few months. In some cases, you notice that you added some weight instead. Very frustrating right? You need to really mean business if you want to lose weight, that means you need to change your diet, lift weights, run or jogg, monitor your calories in take to actually see good results. Below are 12 great ideas to help you reach your weight goal.

1. Drink Water

Lots of it! It’s not only good for you in flushing out toxins and keeping your organs operating optimally  which further aids in shedding pounds  but water also fills you up so you eat less.

2. Sleep More

If you’re sleeping, you’re not eating, and more sleep means the less energy your body needs from caloric foods. Aim for 8 to 9 hours a night, or at the very least, 1 to 2 more hours than you’re used to getting.

3. Eat Breakfast

Fruit, whole grains, or even a to-go bar. Giving your body energy in the morning kick starts your metabolism to help burn calories for you and keep your hunger pangs in check.

4. Walk 30 Minutes A Day

Listen to music, Afrobeats is a good one that can also get you dancing in no time. Just stay active for at list 30 minutes a day and you’ll start to see the effects.

5. Keep Coffee And Sweets, But Have Them Early

If you’re craving that piece of cake or a cup of coffee, don’t deprive yourself. Just have them early in the day, not right before bed. The sugar and caffeine will inhibit a good night’s sleep, which can lead to overeating the next day.

6. Chew Gum

Curb your eating out of boredom with a stick of gum. It will also keep your mouth fresh and help you think less about snacks and food.

7. Cut Out Alcohol

Despite the calories on the label, the way your body processes alcohol is not as straightforward. Alcohol lowers your metabolism, suppresses fat-burning testosterone, and converts to insulin, keeping the pounds packed on. Essentially, it fuels your body’s desire for fat storage. Give it a rest until you meet your goal, and then introduce alcohol back into your life gradually.

 8. Watch TV While Working out

Watching your favourite show during sit-ups. weight lifting or other soft excersie can be very helpful. You will not be only killing two birds with a stone, you will be done before you know it. This can warm you up to get into a more intense workout later

9. Meditate And Breathe

Anxiety and stress contribute to weight gain. Meditating helps you calm down and take a moment for yourself. Think positively and focus on your goals. Not only will you feel better and gain more direction, but you’ll be encouraged and re-energized to continue getting healthy.

10. Brush Your Teeth

Right after dinner especially will help curb your need to nibble on dessert. After all, us lazy folks don’t want to brush our teeth twice in the same evening, do we?

11. Use A Smaller Plate

The psychology behind this seems trivial but it is effective. If your plate looks half empty, you’re going to feel starved; if it looks full, you’ll feel full. So help slim your waist and help fill your stomach, and fill up the plate but make the plate smaller. Try some of these great recipes for healthy but delicious options.

12. Forgive Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout or feeling tight in your jeans. Negative thoughts contribute to depression, which can contribute to weight gain and overeating.

So there you have it. Try some of this tips if things are not looking slimmer for you the way you expected. Happy workout!

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