Shocking News:: Mavin Singer Di’ja Confirms she has given Birth to a Baby Boy!


There really is such a thing as keeping your private life PRIVATE!! and Di’ja did just that with this one, We didn’t even know she was pregnant to start with but she just confirmed the news via her instagram post that she had a baby and she is married to her Fiance also following their Engagement last year december 2015 which was kept quiet also

The Mavin stargirl  has not really been in the public eye for few months now but we didnt know there was something cooking up in the oven. But we are happy to see this and how she has manage to keep it private the way she wished too without preeing eyes or anyone having a say or comment on it. She annonced the news in a very creative and fun with way with animated visuals telling the story of how it all begin, how she met her finance Rotimi, what happened between them and more…

Check the Video Out and Caption she posted

My story so far…. What’s yours ?! PART 1…. #adijastory 💚💚💚💚 #happygirl 😜😚 .. Summer 2014.. The beginning

PART 2…. So Thankful to the Almighty for an amazing journey. Thank you to my family and amazing friends for your ongoing support. Thank you to my Mavin family who are forever providing me with guidance and last but not least my amazing fans for their undying love, well wishes and badASS encouragement. I could not be DI’JA without you.

NOW WATCH THIS SPACE!#😜😘😘😍😋🤓 #work #work #work

 #work #newlove #newlife 


#RAMADANKAREEM to all and barka da Shan Ruwa!

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