Ferdinard Senyo Lawson: Life is a School we never Graduate From, Live to Learn & Learn to Love!


Not everything we learn in school. There are somethings we learn as we go along the path of life. These days, some things are seriously learnt on social media.  We must all be ready to accept, adapt and adopt an opened mind in order to learn what life has to teach us all.

When we allow ego, self glory and pride to fill us up, they will just  deny us from learning from those we wouldn’t have dreamt of meeting physically.

We have the opportunity to learn and be taught by the actions and the behaviour of others on social platforms. Disrespecting others because of what we think we are, have or positions we hold. This will only prevent us from personal development and growth.

Not everyone has the chance to meet humble and educative personalities here on social platforms of which, we have and must appreciate the time and the information who have which normally, we would have been charged to have or to meet.

We should never allow the access others give us become the tool we use to destroy, slander or back bite them out of envy and intimidation. Familiarity will also build walls and barriers between us and the world. This creates the spirit of undermining, underestimating of others efforts and achievements.

As i always say; relationship is not by force. Nobody goes to court to demand legal right to have a relationship with anyone; however, we make that choice to relate with others but that does not means, we should jump on their back and ride them like a horse.

People have feelings and emotions. Let’s be considerate how we relate with each other. There is nothing in this life better than good relationships. Love and respect are the greatest things we all need because, they are the cheapest, and do not take anything away from us.

From today, let us change our attitude and manners about how we see and relate with each other on social media. There is more to life than what we think and see. Love covers and conquers all things.  Let us live to love and love to learn.

Life is a school we never graduate from.



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