LADIES OF ALL NATIONS INTERNATIONAL Launching on the 10th of December 2016!


Ladies of all Nations International

Ladies of All Nations international is a supportive and friendly non profit organisation involving ladies from all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. It encompasses joining forces of women to bring nations together under one roof. The team are very focused on achieving wealth through personal experience and Growth.
Their vision is to create a collaborative, inclusive and engaging platform to share knowledge, inform the national agenda, and recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution women from diverse backgrounds make to our society.

Ladies Of All Nations is Launching on the 10th of December. This event is an outcome of an innovative partnership between Women of all backgrounds and cultures to provide a holistic perspective towards shaping a shared vision and driving change .
Ladies of all nations will be hosting yearly gatherings across the Globe . Our gatherings aim to bring nations together under one roof.
A supportive platform to connect , learn about other cultures get Career advice , be inspired and make new connections with like minded women across the Globe .
Learn about different cultures bring and share a dish from their home country , make new friends . It is an opportunity to taste different foods from around the world ,networking , learn new languages, raise health awareness and expand awareness of Multiculturalism.
Our Bring and share gathering is about dancing, drumming, a line up of inspirational speakers,gratitude, blessings ,sharing of ideas and learning about your body, health, beauty and wellness.

Helping each other grow, be inspired and have a positive, healthy mind and sharing stories from the heart , Bring and share gifts , goody bags ,Fashion Shows , Magician, belly dancers , Food and drink , make -overs ,entertainment and many more.

Ladies of all Nations International Launching December 10 2016

Dress Code will be: Black and White representing different races coming together 🙎🏾🙎🏼🙎🙎🏽🙎🏿

Ladies of Nations International have a team of amazing women of all nations and cultures across the globe who are representing the brand, Joining forces to influence change vision and impact to make this world that we are living a better place .
More details to come.

@Ladies of all nations international we are one!

#Ladies of all Nations international
#Bringing nations together under one roof

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