Exclusive Interview with Julliet Makhapila Founder of UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant Taking Place Sat August 20th!


Julliet Makhapi Founder UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant 2016

Founder of  Mr & Miss UK Africa Diaspora charity Pageant, Julliet Makhapila during an interview with us, shade light, giving us more information her  upcoming Charity event. The proceedings from the Pageant will be used to supply Uniforms, Blankets, Mattresses, Water containers and more for Children’s Charity in Kenya. 

Julliet Makhapi Founder UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant 2016

ADM: Julliet Makhapila, as the founder of UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant, Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

That’s a big question. I’m the founder of  UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant and CEO of UK & Africa Diaspora forums. These are community forum which members enjoy education in one room. The organisation help to address areas such as; Cross Cultural Understandings. We supports and promote peace, love of the world and much more. Understanding of different communities here in the UK connects us with appreciating one another. Our Organisations aim to encourage people from disconnecting with their culture. We train and mentor people to enjoy openness through discussion and to seek understanding within themselves.  

We found our planet here and we are all very responsible for doing our very best to take good care of this planet and my desire as the founder of UK Africa Diaspora Forum is planting seeds of love, good health, joy and happiness and inclusions beyond the rivers and oceans of overflowing change makers that will help to mentor this connections.

ADM: What inspired you to set up UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant?

I enjoy improving people’s lives. I love to inspire and l am an educator and community transformer. l am compassionate. My desires in life is to help others. As the founder of a registered Charity in Kenya, we support vulnerable children in need, Our aim is to raise fund to support their education, provide school uniforms accessories, clean water, good hygiene and much more. My other aim is to raise the awareness here in the UK.

We mentor youths, inspire and provide trainings. WE promote inclusion and love. We also enjoy learning and connecting with the world.

ADM: What qualifications do you use to run your Organisations and Forums?

I am a graduate of Applied Social Sciences in joint honours degree of Health studies and Social Policy. A qualified trainer and manager. I also have Diploma in ICT, Social Scientist and researcher, an events organiser, life counselor/coach, host of different key programmes, Community developer and worker. I also have a qualification in Food supervisions and hygiene, I promote green spaces, healthy well being and living. I promote tourism, sports and diversity. I am a trained advocate mainly representing people with disabilities. An entrepreneur and Founder of community based organisation.

Julliet Makhapi Founder UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant 2016

I’m also a Community Leader and mentor , Founder of UK Africa diaspora Forum Pageant. Diversity in Kenya Communities (cbo). Founder of UK Kenya diaspora Forum. UK Nigeria Diaspora Forum. UK Sierra Leone Diaspora Forum. UK Ghana diaspora Forum. UK Ethiopia diaspora Forum. UK Zimbabwe diaspora Forum. UK Congo diaspora Forum. and a humble director and CEO. Actually after years of hard thinking, l thought l am a ‘Transformer and innovator.

ADM: What are these Forums all about?

Our Forum provides mentoring and nurture growth, embedded with education that can equip you to withstand most things in life. Our aim is to transform lives within our community. The forum addresses and enables great networking of various communities. We enjoy to seek understanding of what love is all about and with that remind people to treat this world and the people around them with kindness. We teach and and want people to understand love for one another and mother earth too. We seek to remove barriers of hatred and aim to promote peace and support others to venture into learning new things.

ADM: Is this the first year of this Charity event?

Yes this is the first time I’m going public with this great cause. I’ve been running it on my own for some time now, and with the amount of success, i believe we can go far. This is why i’m organising the Charity event.

Julliet Makhapi Founder UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant 2016

ADM: With this being the first ever UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant, what do you hope to achieve?

The reason l decided to do this is to set a platform to help the causes we care about. The platform supports our objectives to support disadvantaged children. This year and next year our aim is to raise money for uniforms, water containers and hopefully blankets. It’s also to create a structure programme for children in Kenya and across Africa to be able to get subordinate need they need.

ADM: How would this event benefit and impact the lives of Children in Kenya?

I’m hoping Africans in the UK will come out and support this great cause so that we can raise the funds needed to give this children the good life they deserve. I’ve been running this charity on my own for over 8 years now. I started catering for 21 Children and now they’re over 80 in number. I’m very impressed on how far we have gone on this journey and with this being the first time i’m organising the event publicly, it will be great to see supporters come out on the day to support this good course.

My volunteer manager playing with children in Kenya

ADM: Where can one purchase tickets?

One can contact us for tickets by ringing the number +447742384052 If outside the UK and 07745384052 if  in the UK.

Interview with Julliet Makhapi Founder UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant 2016

ADM: What are your passion and what do you like to do in your spare time?

My spare time is spent educating and accquring knowlege. I enjoy watching movies and l love the finer things in life. Currently re – organising the whole of me and re -shaping certain cross roads.  l enjoay UK politics. I vied for a seat competing against Catherine West who at the time was a councillor and leader of labour councillor in Islington. She is now member of parliament Haringey.

I enjoy watching good politics on TV and l like different kinds of music. I love great foods from different countries in Africa. From my dads traditional stewed chicken (Engokho) topped up with Kenyan Kachumbari salad. Suya for Nigerians or Choma for Kenyans and my UK shepherd’s pie or vegetable pasta bake and much more. 

Interview with Julliet Makhapi Founder UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pageant 2016

ADM: How can one be part of the Charity event?

Everyone can be part of the pageants. You only need  to call us on 07742384052 where a simple assessment is done to meet your needs and also roles. We are in need of volunteers and also action oriented people who enjoy working and meeting new people. Who enjoy learning new things. If you would like to participate please get in-touch. We are here to help you build your career too.

Thank you very much for your time. UK Africa Diaspora Charity Pargent takes place on the 20th of August.

Time 3pm – Midnight

Dress Code: Smart and Traditional Wear

For tickets, Contact Julliet Makhapila on: 07742384052 

Host on the night is founder; Julliet Makhapila, Speakers on the night includes; Gloria Adigwe Geo-Jala, Pricilla Nwikpo, Waynett Petters, Elaine Bagshaw, Yetunde Adeshile and Pauline Walker. Performer on the night includes; Desola, Richard Freeman Olunyinka, Lilas Lafleur among others.

This prestigious event is for a great course and is not to be missed. Get involve and purchase your ticket today. 

Interviewed by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

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