Social: 4 Ways To Promote Your Website For Free!


Promoting your website is crucial to its success whether you’ve already taken your business online or still searching for a simple solution to create a professional website. If you have no previous experience with site promotion, you are likely to be worried about how to get instant traction especially if you have a sterling content. But you don’t have to get yourself worked up as Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rolls out 4 places to promote your website for free.

  • Make sure search Engines know your Site

Most of traffic from the internet is gotten from search engines. Therefore, for you to effectively promote your website, you have to ensure that your website is searchable and recognizable by search engines by submitting your link directly to them. You can also take advantage of Search Engine Optimization.

  • Submit your site to Online Directories

Potential clients usually search online directories to find business solutions. So, listing your content to these directories is key for your website to greatly improve your site’s SEO. Do not forget to include location and business category. This will also help.

  • Share your contents on Social Media

Social media is another reliable way to promote your website. You share your content across the popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram amongst others.  Hence, if you have great content, other websites will use and link your website.  

  • Email signature

This is often overlooked. But it is a very active way to gain engagement and traction for your website. Hence, whenever you send out an email, use a signature that features your website. The receiver of the email may want to check out your website through the link provided. This can also promote your website.


Written by: Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

ADM Contributor

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