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Le Noir Cheveux

Le Noir Cheveux an aforable lauxury weaves are having a UK soft launch tomorrow the 18th of Nov in London. During our interview with Marina Georgiou the UK Director, she talked about why they are opening a branch in the UK, creating more awarness about the afordable hair brand from South Africa and much more. Read the interviw below. 

Le Noir UK Launch

ADM: Hello Marina, Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

Yes hi I’m Marina as you said UK Director of Le Noir Cheveux although only launching here in UK  this week , I have been working with our South African team and our team in the Far East.


ADM: As the UK Director of Le Noir hair brand, what do you hope to achieve in the nearest future?

Firstly we’d like to introduce Le Noir to the UK market  and although based in London we’d like to service the whole of UK and expand from there. We are currently looking for Ambassadors to sell for us up and down the country and would love to hear from your readers.


ADM: Why Le Noir Cheveux and what was the original idea behind the birth of the brands?

With so many hair brands around  it was quite challenging to try and find a name that was not ‘gimmicky’ or a play on the word ‘weaves’. We wanted a sophisticated name that would reflect the hair and the brand we want to build on and we threw quite a few names in the hat before deciding on  Le Noir Cheveux  – the interpretation being ‘Black Hair’ , straight forward and direct to the point.

Le Noir Cheveux Weaves


ADM: How long has Le Noir weaves been in existence?

Le Noir was launched in 2015 in South Africa which is our head office and only this year here in the UK with the UK soft launch being on Friday 18th November.


ADM: What other countries are you looking forward to launching your brand in the nearest future and why?

We are always open to other countries for business opportunities , currently  we’d like to expand to other parts of South Africa (the head office is located in Johannesburg) & we have an interest in Nigeria that we want to work on next year.


ADM: There are so many hair brands out there, what makes Le Noir unique compared to other brands?

Firstly we have taken great care in sourcing the hair with our own quality control team in the Far East . Then the hair was product tested & passed by the L’Oreal Institute in South Africa . We also put in lot of thought & time in developing the extra things like the way the hair is packed to ensure the hair is not damaged in transport. We have also taken into consideration the packaging for display purposes in salons, wholesalers & retailers to make a more attractive end product.


ADM: What are the names of your most popular weaves and why?

This is hard ! We find it’s usually shorter curls in the summer & longer straight or wavy in the winter. Having said that Ombre sells all year round.


ADM: How can one look after Le Noir hair weaves once purchased and how long can they last?

All our weaves are individually packed with a protective hair net and backing card with a thick plastic sleeve in our branded packaging to ensure the hair arrives to the client as good as when it was packed with our ‘recommended care instructions’  on the reverse. We also issue a ‘Hair Maintenance Guide’ with every sale – which we have put together using our own  experience and tips from our customers.

Usually 2-3 months and it should not be left any longer than that. Longevity depends on how well you treat & care for your weave.


ADM: Are there any offers going on for the launch and how can a potential customer be able to utilise these offers?

Special event prices will be applied for the launch where we will be taking orders with the code ‘LaunchUK’  and we will extend this offer up until Christmas so everyone can benefit !


ADM: How long does it take a UK customer to receive their purchased hair once payment is made?

Usually between 2-3 days maximum from UK stock and postage & packing is free!


ADM: What are the different ways a potential customer can find you online and social media, also are any hotlines?

Yes we are on all the social media platforms as follows :

FaceBook: – Le Noir Cheveux Ltd   

Twitter: @LeNoirCheveux  

Instagram: @LeNoirCheveux

We are currently having a new UK page on our website :

& I can be contacted directly by email


ADM: Apart from online, are there any salons, hair shops or distributors whom a customer can meet to purchase your weave brand?

Being a new Company we are currently looking for sales agents ‘Ambassadors’. Salons & distributors so please do contact us wherever you are in the UK. 

ADM: With Le Noir Launching in the UK this Friday the 18th of Nov 2016, what do you hope to achieve?

To introduce the company , make contacts , network with people in the hair , beauty , fashion industry . We hope to  


ADM: Where is the launch taking place and how can one get invited?

The Park Plaza Hotel , 239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd Victoria London SW1V 1EQ

– exit at Wilton Road and turn right it’s literally a two minute walk from Victoria Station

The launch is advertised on Eventbrite Here

Or you can email me at

It’s free so everyone who is interested in hair weaves can come along !


ADM: As a global hair brand director, any advice on why customers should consider Le Noir Cheveux?

We have spoken and listened to a lot of women about their weaves &  have heard good and bad stories . They have helped us understand what they want and given us good advice.  Taking this into consideration we aim to deliver reliable, quality hair with the best customer service.

We aim to make women not only look good but to feel amazing and to empower women so like our logo says ‘True Beauty Is Priceless’


Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to the UK launch of Le Noir and we wish you all the best in the brand.

Ladies so there you have it! Do you enjoy wearing great hair? Are you a Salon owner who is looking for a great weave to stock, or do you want to be an associate? Le Noir hair weaves is the brand. Come and network, socialise and enjoy the evening tomorrow at The Park Plaza Hotel , 239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd Victoria London SW1V 1EQ

It’s FREE!


Interviewed by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

Photo credit: Le Noir 


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