Exclusive Interview with Dr Juliana Amadi, Founder of (ARIDB) Charity Fundraising Taking Place This Sat, 26!


Africa Research Information & Development Bureau (ARIDB) will be having  a gala fundraising party this Saturday, the 26th of November to raise money for a good course. The event is in aid of and part of NRIDB’s Out of Nigeria, Call to Action to Nigerians from the Eastern States. The funds from the event will be used towards the improvement of Security, Stability and Economic Development/Regeneration of the Eastern States of Nigeria. Read our interview with the CEO & founder of the charity; Dr Juliana Amadi.

ADM: You have a charity event taking place this Saturday, can you enlighten us about what this event is all about?

It is a fundraising evening gala event. The event is in aid of and part of NRIDB’s Out of Nigeria Call to Action to Nigerians from the Eastern States. The funds from the event will be used to work towards the improvement of Security, Stability and Economic Development/Regeneration of the Eastern States of Nigeria.  

ADM: Is this the first time you are putting such event together? – Yes

ADM: Is it an annual event and why?

Yes. As a charity, we rely on donations to continue with the projects we are doing and planning to do in Nigeria so need to continue our fundraising efforts through these events. The event will also give us the opportunity to showcase to the community what we have done together with future plans.

ADM: Why did you decide to put this event together this year?

We needed to raise awareness about who we are, what we plan to do and why. No time like the present.

ADM: What do you hope to achieve after the NRIDB Charity fundraising on Saturday?

Publicity, awareness of who we are, what we are doing and why we are doing it, We also hope to raise enough funds to start our project back home.

ADM: How long have you been doing this humanitarian work and what excites you about these projects?

I am a development economist by profession so I have in essence been doing and very interested in development all my adult life. The prospect of change and handling a project towards a better life for the people back home excites me in project i’m embarking on. The belief that we as a people can come together to make positive changes to take place in our countries and fathers land is great. 

ADM: What made you come up with such a big project and how long have you been working on it?

The desire, hunger and enthusiasm for change for the better is my driver. I have been working on this project for some few years now, after carefully investigating, learning and putting one or two things together, I felt like it is now time to start.

ADM: Can anyone attend the event on Saturday the 26th and how?

Yes anyone who is interesting in developing our country and rural areas is invited. The event takes place at the Northumberland Park Community School in  Tottenham, N17 0TU. It starts and 6pm prompt and finished at 12am. Nearest train station White Heart Lane. It is £25 to get in. I wish it was free but we need to pay for the hall hire, food, and drinks.
ADM: Apart from the upcoming event, how can one support or donate to help your charity?

People can visit our website: www.arid-b.org for more information on how to donate. But people can donate by cash, cheque, standing order, volunteering etc., We are in general asking people donate anything from £2.5 per month. All the Information on how to get involve is on our website.
ADM: There are some top Nollywood celebrities who will be attending and supports this event, can you tell us a little more about it?

Yes, we invited some which includes, HRM Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade, Victoria Inyama, Chika Ike, Dr Pauline Long, Rita Nzelu to name but a few will all be present on the day to lend their support.

ADM: What does putting this event together means to you this year?

It means that finally we as Nigerians, Easterners to be specific are joining together to make real positive change happen back home.

ADM: Can you list some few names of people who motivates and inspire you and why?

Apart from God, the list is too long. Everyone I have met has in one way or another inspired or motivated me, but if I really had to choose, then it will be my Mum and Dad of course.


Thank you very much for your time. It was great Interviewing you. Good luck with the great work you do, and we hope it goes well on Saturday the 26th.

More information about ARIDB can be out at www.arid-b.org

Interviewed by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths.


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