Feeling Festive? Check Out These 9 Great Winter Lipsticks Ideas By Jenny Jenkins/ Lip Swatches!


Winter Lipsticks

Are you always looking for a great lipstick you can wear during winter? Or do you wonder what lipsticks are best for the festival and winter season? This video by beauty vlogger Jenny Jenkins gives you up to 9 lipstick ideas that can work for you. Check it out below.


Products Used:

Lip pencils to use on the outer corner
MAC Mocha with MAC Cork Lip Pencil
MAC Salon Rouge with MAC Brick or NYX Plum Pencil
NARS Train Bleu with MAC Nightmoth
Kat Von D L.U.V with NYX Deep Purple
Kat Von D Vampira with MAC Nighmoth
MAC Rebel with NYX Deep Purple(i would fill in my lips with the pencil first)
NYX Nutmeg
Kat Von D Outlaw with MAC Brick
Kat Von D Lolita with MAC Cork/MAC Nightmoth(lightly)

For more ideas and videos, follow Jenny on:

INSTAGRAM- @beautybyjj
TWITTER- @TheBeautybyJJ


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